Episode 74: Denley Hosts

Amerigo Gazaway, Xiomara, Brookfield Deuce, Caleborate, Chrisbaby, Atosa, Chuuwee, Crested, Dayvid Michael, Diamond Lung, DionLovelle, Hmpmlk, dropp, Grand-O, Inzerra, James Tyler, Johnnie Cleveland, KeemBeats, Lake Stovall, Lil Pete, Luxage, MC Pauze, Mani Draper, Moe Green, Nadine Lustre, Ruby Ibarra, Nate Hendrix, Vida Solstice, Nef the Pharaoh, NimSins, O-NAJE, Najee Amaranth, Ozer, Serg2x, P-LO, Phendrama, rayreck, Seef EC, Stoney Creation, Taste Nate, Hashbrown, Oscar Goldman, tyler coolidge, WADE08, XienHow, yugi boi


  1. She by Lake Stovall on She - Single (Self-Released)
  2. Calling in by DionLovelle, Hmpmlk on Calling in - Single (LIGHTHEAD)
  3. Your Love by Phendrama on Your Love - Single (Plural Music)
  4. Kick it (w/ hxns, kev, otxhello, oxthemoron, chromo nicci & anh) by yugi boi on (Soundcloud) (Self-Released)
  5. Dream (Pain) [feat. Atossa] by Chrisbaby, Atosa on Dream Boy (Inside Out)
  6. The Light (feat. Lake Stovall, Alexis Angulo) by Dayvid Michael on Folkland (Self-Released)
  7. Bay Area 51 by Amerigo Gazaway, Xiomara on 1990 (Soul Mates)
  8. Time by Nate Hendrix, Vida Solstice on Time - Single (Self-Released)
  9. Ritual by O-NAJE, Najee Amaranth on Ritual - Single (In the Wind Prod.)
  10. Midnite Club by tyler coolidge on Midnite Club - Single (Over Everything)
  11. Real Joy (Demo Snippet) by Seef EC on Unreleased (Self-Released)
  12. Hypersomnia by Crested on Cartography (Self-Released)
  13. Sunday Morning by Mani Draper on Sunday Morning - Single (At the Ave Records)
  14. Shoes (feat. TeezySoDope) by Brookfield Deuce on Shoes (feat. TeezySoDope) - Single (Front Page Music, Inc.)
  15. Cocoa Butter by Moe Green on Saturday Night / Sunday Morning 2 (OCCX / MARLENA MUSIC)
  16. one for quavius by Inzerra on (Soundcloud) (N/A)
  17. 世界征服 / world conquest by dropp on sign of weakness (Self-Released)
  18. Celesite (feat. Isaiah McLane & Wraith Knowledge) by James Tyler on (Soundcloud) (N/A)
  19. Bonita (feat. Ohmi) [prod. by Smooveez] by MC Pauze on (Soundcloud) (N/A)
  20. Givin Back (feat. Versoul & Dregs One) by XienHow on NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER (Mixtape) (Self-Released)
  21. Stoneys Mood (Prod By Jamvvis) by Stoney Creation on Melanina (N/A)
  22. Synchronicity by Taste Nate, Hashbrown, Oscar Goldman on Synchronicity - Single (Yellow Cake Radio)
  23. History by Diamond Lung on Icy Palms 2020 Rap Comp (Forthcoming) ( )
  24. Beat Break by Grand-O on The Sunny Side (City Zoo)
  25. Classic (feat. A-Ron Bacardi, Dobad King) by Johnnie Cleveland on Classic (feat. A-Ron Bacardi, Dobad King) - Single (Self-Released)
  26. Let the Horns Go (feat. On Tilt) by KeemBeats on Cant Stop the Funk Volume 1 (Boogie Shack Music Group)
  27. No 32 by Nadine Lustre, Ruby Ibarra on No 32 - Single (Careless)
  28. Shaped by Luxage on Shaped - Single (Artist Intelligence Agence - AIA)
  29. Cloth Talk (feat. Takeoff) by Nef the Pharaoh on Cloth Talk (feat. Takeoff) - Single (KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE)
  30. Don't Think (feat. Mozzy) by P-LO on SHINE (P-Lo / EMPIRE)
  31. Clicquot Shower - A COLORS SHOW by Caleborate on Clicquot Shower - A COLORS SHOW - Single (COLORSxSTUDIOS)
  32. All Gas, No Brakes by WADE08 on BLAP (Text Me Records)
  33. Gas by Ozer, Serg2x on Gas - Single (Wiseguys)
  34. Pimp C Appreciation Thread by Chuuwee on Pimp C Appreciation Thread - Single (Modo Entertainment - IPX)
  35. Its All Bad (ProdPiras) by NimSins on (Soundcloud) (N/A)
  36. Win by Lil Pete on Hardaway (Public Housin' / EMPIRE)
  37. AZUL by rayreck on RHYTHMIA 160 (Self-Released)
  38. Bonus Track by Mac Dre on Genie of the Lamp (Thizz Entertainment)
  39. I Got 5 On It (Remix) by Luniz, Spice 1, Dru Down, Richie Rich, Shock G, E-40 on Yukmouth Presents: 420 ( )