Episode 74: Denley Hosts

Amerigo Gazaway, Xiomara, Brookfield Deuce, Caleborate, Chrisbaby, Atosa, Chuuwee, Crested, Dayvid Michael, Diamond Lung, DionLovelle, Hmpmlk, dropp, Grand-O, Inzerra, James Tyler, Johnnie Cleveland, KeemBeats, Lake Stovall, Lil Pete, Luxage, MC Pauze, Mani Draper, Moe Green, Nadine Lustre, Ruby Ibarra, Nate Hendrix, Vida Solstice, Nef the Pharaoh, NimSins, O-NAJE, Najee Amaranth, Ozer, Serg2x, P-LO, Phendrama, rayreck, Seef EC, Stoney Creation, Taste Nate, Hashbrown, Oscar Goldman, tyler coolidge, WADE08, XienHow, yugi boi


  1. She by Lake Stovall (Self-Released)
  2. Calling in by DionLovelle, Hmpmlk (LIGHTHEAD)
  3. Your Love by Phendrama (Plural Music)
  4. Kick it (w/ hxns, kev, otxhello, oxthemoron, chromo nicci & anh) by yugi boi on (Soundcloud) (Self-Released)
  5. Dream (Pain) [feat. Atossa] by Chrisbaby, Atosa on Dream Boy (Inside Out)
  6. The Light (feat. Lake Stovall, Alexis Angulo) by Dayvid Michael on Folkland (Self-Released)
  7. Bay Area 51 by Amerigo Gazaway, Xiomara on 1990 (Soul Mates)
  8. Time by Nate Hendrix, Vida Solstice (Self-Released)
  9. Ritual by O-NAJE, Najee Amaranth (In the Wind Prod.)
  10. Midnite Club by tyler coolidge (Over Everything)
  11. Real Joy (Demo Snippet) by Seef EC on Unreleased (Self-Released)
  12. Hypersomnia by Crested on Cartography (Self-Released)
  13. Sunday Morning by Mani Draper (At the Ave Records)
  14. Shoes (feat. TeezySoDope) by Brookfield Deuce (Front Page Music, Inc.)
  15. Cocoa Butter by Moe Green on Saturday Night / Sunday Morning 2 (OCCX / MARLENA MUSIC)
  16. one for quavius by Inzerra on (Soundcloud)
  17. 世界征服 / world conquest by dropp on sign of weakness (Self-Released)
  18. Celesite (feat. Isaiah McLane & Wraith Knowledge) by James Tyler on (Soundcloud)
  19. Bonita (feat. Ohmi) [prod. by Smooveez] by MC Pauze on (Soundcloud)
  20. Givin Back (feat. Versoul & Dregs One) by XienHow on NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER (Mixtape) (Self-Released)
  21. Stoneys Mood (Prod By Jamvvis) by Stoney Creation on Melanina
  22. Synchronicity by Taste Nate, Hashbrown, Oscar Goldman (Yellow Cake Radio)
  23. History by Diamond Lung on Icy Palms 2020 Rap Comp (Forthcoming)
  24. Beat Break by Grand-O on The Sunny Side (City Zoo)
  25. Classic (feat. A-Ron Bacardi, Dobad King) by Johnnie Cleveland (Self-Released)
  26. Let the Horns Go (feat. On Tilt) by KeemBeats on Cant Stop the Funk Volume 1 (Boogie Shack Music Group)
  27. No 32 by Nadine Lustre, Ruby Ibarra (Careless)
  28. Shaped by Luxage (Artist Intelligence Agence - AIA)
  29. Cloth Talk (feat. Takeoff) by Nef the Pharaoh (KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE)
  30. Don't Think (feat. Mozzy) by P-LO on SHINE (P-Lo / EMPIRE)
  31. Clicquot Shower - A COLORS SHOW by Caleborate (COLORSxSTUDIOS)
  32. All Gas, No Brakes by WADE08 on BLAP (Text Me Records)
  33. Gas by Ozer, Serg2x (Wiseguys)
  34. Pimp C Appreciation Thread by Chuuwee (Modo Entertainment - IPX)
  35. Its All Bad (ProdPiras) by NimSins on (Soundcloud)
  36. Win by Lil Pete on Hardaway (Public Housin' / EMPIRE)
  37. AZUL by rayreck on RHYTHMIA 160 (Self-Released)
  38. Bonus Track by Mac Dre on Genie of the Lamp (Thizz Entertainment)
  39. I Got 5 On It (Remix) by Luniz, Spice 1, Dru Down, Richie Rich, Shock G, E-40 on Yukmouth Presents: 420