The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #186

First edition of the New Year!

Got new heat by Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion, exclusive tracks by William Fields, Spednar, Sebastian Camens and Elizabeth Wilson, plus the usual mix of new computer music!


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  1. MONASTIC by Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion on MONASTIC / BOMBASTIC (Visit $ Buy
  2. Elect_O Convulsive The__P_ Committee by Eight Frozen Modules on The Abduction Of Barry (Orthlorng Musork) $ Buy
  3. sejati by William Fields on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  4. untitled2 by Sebastian Camens on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  5. ardrossan-south-beach by Elizabeth Wilson on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  6. cutting the golden cord around my ankle to symbolise broken connection by TVO on phrases removed from context to assign importance (Visit $ Buy
  7. I'm Feeling (w/Morwell) by Loraine James on New Year's Substitution 2 (Visit $ Buy
  8. Q29udGVtcHQK by Aclds on 796f75206b6e6f772074686520747275746820 (Visit $ Buy
  9. Sick & Panic (First Mix) by Macintosh Plus on Sick & Panic (Visit $ Buy
  10. Tavesía 2 by Krypte on CODE120 (Visit $ Buy
  11. Moo Orphaned Drift by Lanark Artefax on Corra Linn (Visit $ Buy
  12. Tchae Eh by Renick Bell & Fis on Emergence Vol. 1 (Visit $ Buy
  13. A2 8 Version 3 by Ecto Mist on Equal (Visit $ Buy
  14. Energy Points by rRoxymore on Face to Phase (Visit $ Buy
  15. Hidden layer by POINTLESS GEOMETRY on IFS - MONG DISC (Visit $ Buy
  16. Ceaseless Collateral by Weightausend on forever (Visit $ Buy
  17. extra stairs by ilkae on formal format (Visit $ Buy
  18. 200102_0001_2 (AA Comp) by Spednar on Algorithmic Art Assembly (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  19. Grid North by Cayos on Map Legend (Visit $ Buy
  20. Piag3t (Previous Hydration & 4 Blue Skin) by Piag3t & Tristan on PARTNERS00? (Visit $ Buy
  21. War People (Original Mix) by Yone-Ko on Raw Beats Required (Visit $ Buy
  22. Daylight Never Came by Junq on Altered State EP (Visit $ Buy