Casually Crying - Episode 102 - urbanation, Mustard Service, Surf Curse, Pure Hex


som works at some amazing venues in the bay area, is a huge supporter of local music, and is also one of my best friends.

feel free to send me an email at with any comments, questions, or requests. or reach out if you're interested in being a guest on casually crying. thanks 4 listening. :')


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  1. Is It Too Much To Ask by Faye Webster on Faye Webster (Awful Records) $ Buy
  2. Fire Island by Blush on Blush (Arrowhawk) $ Buy
  3. Break
  4. Cadence by The Long Faces on Cadence (Cadence) $ Buy
  5. Blood Moon by Choir Boy on Passive with Desire (Dais Records) $ Buy
  6. Heaven In Your Eyes by The Turnouts on The Turnouts (The Turnouts) $ Buy
  7. Need Your Love by Tennis on Need Your Love (Mutually Detrimental) $ Buy
  8. these nights by nina on love letters to you (nina) $ Buy
  9. Bizarre Love Triangle by urbanation on Bizarre Love Triangle (bianca ocampo) $ Buy
  10. Break
  11. Modern History by Part Time on Modern History (Burger Records) $ Buy
  12. drip bounce_7_24_18 by Toro y Moi on Soul Trash (Self Release) $ Buy
  13. いる by Shintaro Sakamoto on できれば愛を (zelone) $ Buy
  14. Girl Across The Street by Dead Ghosts on S/T (Floridas Dying) $ Buy
  15. Island Cats by Babewatch on Guys Hanging Out (Paisley Shirt Records) $ Buy
  16. Damp Face by La Luz on Damp Face (Hardly Art) $ Buy
  17. Break
  18. MIND/WAVE by nic and reuben on MIND/WAVE (nic and reuben) $ Buy
  19. Need by Mustard Service on Need (Zest Pop) $ Buy
  20. Don't Look Back by PREP, Shownu, So!YoON! on Don't Look Back (Jeffrey International) $ Buy
  21. Junkyard Cat by Trudy and the Romance on Junkyard Jazz (Trudy and the Romance) $ Buy
  22. Kim by Joy Again on Kim (Never Grow Up Records) $ Buy
  23. Ramen Waitress by High Sunn on Hopeless Romantic EP (PNKSLM) $ Buy
  24. Break
  25. Daylight/Moonlight by The Red Pears on We Bring Anything to the Table (Daycare Records) $ Buy
  26. Herbs by Lunar Hand on Days Like These (Desert Coast Records) $ Buy
  27. Sirens by Mint on Metha (Slang Church) $ Buy
  28. Jaywalk Over Me by Shutups on Every Day I'm Less Zen (Astro Lizard Records) $ Buy
  29. Can't Be Shown by Pardoner on Playin' On A Cloud (Pardoner) $ Buy
  30. Wind Stress by Pure Hex on Pure Hex (Honeydew Records) $ Buy
  31. Break
  32. Keeping the Flame by Kelly Stoltz on To Dreamers (Sub Pop) $ Buy
  33. River's Edge by Surf Curse on Heaven Surrounds You (Danger Collective Records) $ Buy