1. dunno really by Lorraine James (self released)
  3. princess - by grumpylilshit (self released)
  4. B WITH U by Velaluna (unreleased)
  5. On a Ragga Tip by SL2 (XL Recordings)
  6. prayer 2 my wallet by grumpylilshit on bad person ep (self released)
  7. No Love by LYZZA (self released)
  8. Another Day by Clouds (Headstrong Records)
  9. Loc'd out smoked out by Taso on TeklifeVIP2020 - (Teklife)
  10. Keep Going Like Rashad by Trax Bt on Tributo a DJ Rashad (Juke MX)
  11. Champagne Diet (BSN Posse Remix) by 1OO1O x MONVCO on 64o EP (Movelike)
  12. Creep by Audio Gutter (Pr-jkts)
  13. Jack [CRUEL NOON REMIX] by Breach (self released)
  14. Talkin Bout My Generation by Coco Bryce on Coco & The Cat (self released)
  15. Raise It Up VIP by DJ Ends (Forbidden Trax)
  16. Drop It Down by Heavee on Trakpak Vol. 2 (self released)
  17. Give It Up by Sun People (Rua Sounds)
  18. Make Yo Bed Rok by JTRA on Metamorphosis (Industrial parasite)
  19. PEOPLE DANCING 2020 by HEAVEE on TP3 (self released)
  20. Please X Kush Jones X Steve Noah X Engine Vs Tzusing by Please X Kush Jones X Steve Noah X Engine Vs Tzusing on LIES058 (Long Island Electrical Systems))
  21. Yin by Quest?onmarc on Phoenix EP (Club Chai)
  22. Costeñowerkz by Sonido Berzerk x HAI on End of the World Compilation 2019 - (Wile Out)
  23. Go Loko (feat. Tyga & Jon Z) [Please Remix] ( by YG (self released)
  24. The Beginning by Octavio Full Band on Tribute a Rashad (Juke MX)
  25. I Will Not Come At Your Beck And Call I Am At Home Preemptively Mashing Up The Dance… by AYA (Illegal Data)
  26. Dolorous Dick’head by dgoHn on dgoHn EP (Astrophonica)
  27. Be On My Side by G Panic on Imminent EP (Ten Toes Turbo)
  28. Berry Patch by Machinedrum & Holly (Vision)
  29. Cursive by Monty & Alix Perez on Blinded EP (1985 Music)
  30. STK by Monty on Blinded EP (1985 Music)
  31. Suburbia by Ivy Lab on Space War (20/20 LDN)
  32. The Creation Of A Universe by Gallery S (self released)
  33. pegate by Abssys (self released)
  34. followthewhiterabbot by Abssys (self released)
  35. Swallowed Whole by Farsight (unreleased)
  36. Translucent by Alec Pace on [single - (Nous Disques])
  37. Aint Safe .2 by Traxman (self released)
  38. But It Aint New Tho by KiiD on Different Breed EP (Coldpakk)
  39. Dema Ga Ge Gi Go Gu (Sonido Berzerk Dembass Edit) - by Sonido Berserk (self released)
  40. Estrogen by DRESSIERE (self released)
  41. Dreams Come True by KIID (self released)
  42. Luv’s Gone by Cybereality on Selected Juke Workz Vol. 1 (Aeronenma)