Ep 111: "One for Sorrow/ Two for Joy"

Mint, their new album Mentha (bandcamp) shows the band deepening their feelings within more tension-bearing forms, they are playing Bottom of the Hill this Friday with Sour Widows, The Band Ice Cream, and Buzzed Lightbeer. (info/tickets)

Episode title is from the Ötzi song "Charms."

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email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Bully by Twompsax on I H8 Me
  2. Diddley Squat by Twompsax on I H8 Me
  3. Abundance of Pleasure by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  4. Neapolitan by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  5. Pilot Light by Sour Widows
  6. Surfer Girl by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained (Urban Scandal)
  7. Tchau Anjinho by Buzzed Lightbeer on Hell
  8. No Te Asustes (Es Solo Vivir) by Los Dug Dug's on Cambia, Cambia (Sony)
  9. Tucans Nose by Kamikaze Palm Tree on Good Boy (Muddguts)
  10. Make it Up by Shady Bug on Lemon Lime (Exploding in Sound)
  11. No Space For Residence by Fake Fruit
  12. Infoe by New Circle on West Coast '19
  13. Charms by Ötzi on Ghosts
  14. Solomon’s Tears by Primal Wound on Flesh Bound World
  15. Once In A While by Rosegarden Funeral Party
  16. Mute by Club Night on What Life
  17. Jesus Christ: Reloaded by Freak No Hitter on Demonstration
  18. I Was High by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face)
  19. Way Over Here (For Ellsworth Kelly RIP) by Cindy on Cindy
  20. An Ordeal by The Clog on The Clog
  21. Fantasy Spiders by Fantasy Spiders on Fantasy Spiders
  22. Aware by Turqouize Noiz on Sweat Lodge (Related Records)
  23. Weird Glow by Sarah Bethe Nelson on Weird Glow (Burger Records)
  24. No Difference by Jess Cornelius
  25. Off/On by Rosie Plaza
  26. Dirt by Buddy Junior on Marietta
  27. The Dentist by Trash Vampires
  28. Anyway by Secret Secret on HUSH
  29. Breaking Down by Tong on Tong III
  30. The Actress by Tino Drima on Suitin' Up (Park The Van)
  31. Natalie by Nadoyel
  32. Rider on the White Horse by Hectorine on Hectorine
  33. Butttoucher by Schlub on The Hot Singles (In Your Area) Demo
  34. Pancake (Swirlies) by Stress Dreams on Demos
  35. Don't Know How by Molly Bolten on Home Alone EP
  36. Be Well by Sucker Crush on Middle Mattress Chasm