Ep 112: "Your Street Has Pretty Trees/ And My Radio Plays Static"

Stephen Steinbrink, deft designer of rapturous melodies, the latest album is Utopia Teased (bandcamp), Steinbrink is  playing the Starline Social Club Crystal Cavern this Saturday with Meerna, Half Stack, and Ryan Pollie. (tickets)  📸: Monica Colver

Episode title is from the Half Stack song "Goner."

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  1. Elated by Wyatt Smith on Maple (Open Door Records)
  2. Figurines by The Heartlights on Figurines/Just for the Play (Wallflower Records)
  3. On Boundaries by Samplelov on As You Are
  4. Bad Love by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
  5. Absent Mind-- Unknown Version by Stephen Steinbrink on B-Sides & Instrumentals (2012-2017)
  6. Ready to Break by Meernaa on Heart Hunger (Native Cat)
  7. Goner by Half Stack on Aw Hell
  8. Getting Clean by Ryan Pollie on Ryan Pollie
  9. Fucking Queer by Lollygaggers on Cavity Search
  10. Gary's Making Biscuits by Middle-Aged Queers on Too Fag for Love
  11. Just Wanna Cruise by Al Harper
  12. Warm Bodies by Mister Baby on There's Hope in Cantelope
  13. City Song by The Umbrellas on Maritime EP (Discontinuous Innovations Inc)
  14. Malibu Love Nest by Luna on Rendezvous (Jetset Records)
  15. Bad Idea by Madeline Kenney on Perfect Shapes (Carpark Records)
  16. Out of the Blue by Everyone is Dirty
  17. Lifesucker by Lofi Legs on Lamb
  18. Lets Talk by Mae Powell on Trash Flowers EP
  19. amfrex1 by Wolf Langis on amfrex ep
  20. America, the Beautiful by Homeboy Sandman on Hallways
  21. h. s. f. & c. by Mikayla McVey on Desert Companion
  22. Amnesia Blues by Slow Motion Cowboys on Sun Burnt Feather
  23. The Emperor's New Clothes by Sinead O'Connor on I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (Chrysalis)
  24. Doo-Rite Rag by Fog Holler on Or Else the Sun
  25. Disco by Moon Daze on Moon Daze - EP
  26. Dark Magic by Telepathic Children
  27. Isolation by Little Arcs on First One
  28. Corpse Flower by Ryan Von Gonten on Truthlikeness
  29. Please, Can't Remember by Seemway on Seemways
  30. The Process by Chastity Belt on The Process/ Lonely
  31. Lonely by Loose Tooth on The Process/ Lonely
  32. Out of the Blue by Roxy Music on Country Life (Virgin)