B-Side Dreams 187 - C Stands (rerun - recorded 2/8/20)

Image by me: https://www.instagram.com/jaimeborschuk.photo/


  1. Maybe I'm Bitter by Babehoven on Demonstrating Visiblel Difference of Height (https://babehoven.bandcamp.com/)
  2. Spinster Cycle by Rosie Tucker on Never Not Never Not Never Not (New Professor)
  3. (You're Better Than Ever) by Illuminati Hotties on Kiss Yr Frenemies (Tiny Engines)
  4. Society of Inner Nothing by Comet Gain on Fireraisers Forever (Tapete Records)
  5. Attraction Action Reaction by The Aislers Set on How I Learned To Write Backwards (Suicide Squeeze)
  6. Listen to My Heart (Ramones Cover) by Saturday Looks Good to Me on Sound on Sound (Redder 2006)
  7. If I Am Only My Thoughts by Loving on If I Am Only My Thoughts (Last Gang Records 2020)
  8. Make It Take It by American Analog Set on Hard to Find: Singles and Unreleased 2000-2005 (Hometown Fantasy 2009)
  9. Smoke by Bedhead on Beheaded (Trance Syndicate)
  10. Human Race by Eddy Current Suppression Ring on All in Good Time (Castle Face Records)
  11. A Place in the Sun by Marine Girls on Lazy Ways/Beach Party (Cherry Red)
  12. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge by Black Tambourine on Black Tambourine (Slumberland Records)
  13. Vitamin C of Love by Floating Action on Old World Camels (Self 2019)
  14. My Heart's My Badge by The Pastels (Paperhouse Records)
  15. Jaguar by The Sweetest Ache on Jaguar (Sarah 1992)
  16. A-Bun-Dance by El Perro del Mar on KoKoro (The Control Group 2016)