B-Side Dreams 190 - w/guest Peter Conheim - EDITED

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Peter Conheim is a freelance film and media restorationist living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a musician, as a member of such groups as Negativland, Mono Pause, the Mutants and alongside Malcolm Mooney from CAN. He’s overseen the rescue of such notable films as SPRING NIGHT, SUMMER NIGHT (1968) and NIGHT TIDE (1963), and is currently restoring legendary psychologist Stanley Milgram’s filmed record of his experiments, OBEDIENCE (1965). He is also a specialist in locating and preserving rare underground music and film artifacts, having restored seminal works by The Residents, DEVO and others.

Enjoy the interview, and then come out to ATA Other Cinema in San Francisco for a modified version of the EARS, EYES AND THROATS compilation Peter created for byNWR.com (on 3/7/20 at 8:30 PM). Included in this new show is the world premiere of the restoration of DEVO's "Satisfaction"! http://www.othercinema.com/calendar/index.html

NOTE: Original show has been edited to replace non-released content.

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