The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ DJ Chat Noir & DJ Jody Rose (Honolulu) 2/18/20


  1. NNHNM by Shadow In The Dark on Shadow In The Dark
  2. Syzygyx by Fragile, Handle With Care on Fading Bodies
  3. Wraith by Silent EM on The Absence
  4. Art Contraire by Automelodi on Mirages Au Futur Verre-Brise
  5. No Redemption by The Blue Beard's Castle on Beyond The Door
  6. Giving Ground (7" Edit) by The Sisterhood on The Gift EP
  7. West End Girls by Prayers on Young Gods
  8. Blac by QNTAL on Ozymandias
  9. Fiction by Not My God on Fiction
  10. Collapsing New People by Fad Gadget on Gag
  11. Glory by Cold Cave on Glory
  12. Lost Times by Ships In The Night on Wire & Light
  13. Capture by TERREMOTO on The Bridge
  14. Monuments Of Faith by Pawns on Monuments Of Faith
  15. Kiss Of Life by Cunning Toy on Serching
  16. Meet Murder My Angel by Soft Cell on This Last Night... In Sodom
  17. X X Sex by We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It on Bostin' Steve Austin