transfiguration #126 new age perfume mix (tina burner)


  1. Interlude by Cass. & Gianni Brezzo on Masala Kiss (Growing Bin)
  2. Time and a Place (Emotion Mix) by Cofaxx on Isomorphic (Exotic Robotics)
  3. highland spring by no moon on 653 miles (church)
  4. Self by Native Cruise on Dream Chimney Demo Tracks Vol. 3 (Dream Chimney)
  5. Everywhere at Once by The Juan MacLean on Time out of Joint / Lotus (Cin Cin)
  6. Rave the Forest by Bufiman on Albumsi (Dekmantel)
  7. Amazonia by TJ Manta (Intercept)
  8. Toura Toura by Malouane on Daze Island (Let's Play House)
  9. Moan Up by Alphonse on Stolen Sunrise ([Emotional] Especial)
  10. Reef Walking by Linkwood on Expressions (Night Theatre)
  11. Fog Forest by Akasha System on Echo Lost (100% Silk)
  12. Meditation by Nicholas on A Message From The East (Shall Not Fade)
  13. Break
  14. Underwater by Blo (childsplay)
  15. Break
  16. Adventures in the Dream Tribe by East of Eden on East of Eden (Distant Hawaii)
  17. Aristocrat Motel by Cromie on Root Bulb (Clave House)
  18. Sunken Relics by Akasha System on Echo Earth (100% Silk)
  19. Flightmode by Bella Boo on Once Upon a Passion (Studio Barnhus)
  20. Yesterday's Tomorrow by Perdu on Delightful Sounds to Boogie (DSB Recordings)
  21. Take A Deep Breath by Vray on Blow Your Mind (Novaj 新し Dubvision)
  22. Zenit by Arkajo on Nadir (Aniara)
  23. Drunk on Cowboy Love by Remotif on Chromium Hangover (Familiar Strangers)
  24. Nature Boy by Cornucopia on Kingdom of Loving Hearts (Shanti Radio Moscow)
  25. Pans & Pots by Longhair on Mangostine (Renate Schallplatten)
  26. Evolu by Strategy on Tropical Storm (Idle Hands)
  27. Rest Assured by LT on Staminize (xkalay)