Ep 119: “Thought I Saw You/ But I Guess That I Was Staring/ Into the Sun”

Stress Dreams, even before they released debut EP Maggie (bandcamp) last week I was feeling a big phase of their song "Happy Birthday" coming on, now this new version has me like wowwww, so it and another Maggie cut kick off this 37 song expression of the community we have here in the Bay Area. I'm so thankful for these songs.

Episode title is from the Stress Dreams song "Happy Birthday".

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  1. Happy Birthday by Stress Dreams on Maggie
  2. Babycakes by Stress Dreams on Maggie
  3. Street Sweeping by Healers on Street Sweeping
  4. Never Forget by Black Thumb
  5. Just for the Play by The Heartlights on Figurines/Just for the Play (Wallflower Records)
  6. Passed Out by The Leave Alones on Race to the Bottom EP
  7. Headache Made of Palm Leaves by Pendant
  8. Elated by Wyatt Smith on Maple (Open Door Records)
  9. Home by New Spell
  10. Hitler's In the Charts Again by Neutrals on Rent/Your House EP
  11. Anywhere But Here by Well Read Seals on Hot Sick Vile And Fun (Rocks in Your Head)
  12. Madonna by Margalee
  13. Leatherjacket by K Skelton on Beach Motel
  14. Mark Kelso by Cupii on Four Songs
  15. On Boundaries by Samplelov on As You Are
  16. You Might Be Happy Someday by The Reds, Pinks, and Purples
  17. I Dove in the Ocean by Fantasy Spiders on Fantasy Spiders
  18. Comb Your Hair by Abracadabra
  19. Sweats by Praying on I'm No Healer
  20. Hard to Please (Reprise) by Spellling on Mazy Fly (Sacred Bones)
  21. Mercy by Terremoto on The Bridge
  22. Blood Moon by Bear Call on Fancy Aid
  23. Pearls by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  24. Talking Johnny & June (Your Arms Around Me) by Field Medic
  25. Dark Ecstasy by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room)
  26. Psych Bop by James Wavey aka Alleyes Manifest on James Wavey
  27. Plateau (Work in Progress version) by Psychic Hit
  28. Blue Eyes by Joshua Barnhart
  29. Really Real by Anna Hillburg on Really Real
  30. Hazelwood by Bells Atlas on The Mystic
  31. Idk by My Friend on not going to Japan right now... demos
  32. Peace by Unity on Unity (Digital Regress)
  33. Bruised by Polkadot on Feeling Okay
  34. Death Valley by Gentle Return on This is Really Happening
  35. Persepolis by Primal Wound on Flesh Bound World
  36. Fortitude (feat. Anthony Dragons, Queens D. Light) by Jay Stone on Calibration of an Altered Mind (Gold Robot Records)
  37. Morningstar by False Figure on A Promised End (Near Dark)