Ep 118: "Managed World"

Chaki, whose new EP The Water (bandcamp) is a blast to dance to while quarantined--TURN IT UP-- was going to play a release show to benefit DIY Non-Profit Rogers & Rosewater that serves hot meals to people facing hunger in the streets of Oakland every Wednesday night. The Oaklanders they serve need us now more than ever! Give what you can here: http://www.paypal.me/rogersandrosewater

📸: Niki Pritti

Episode title is from the song "Managed World" by New York band Privacy Issues. (bandcamp)

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twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Hell by Buzzed Lightbeer on Hell
  2. Dead Man by Gorgeous Dykes on Gorgeous!!
  3. Dr. Croc (What About You) by Egg Drop Soup on PMS
  4. Get In Line by Chaki on The Water (Who Can You Trust)
  5. Funky Frankenstein by Chaki on The Water (Who Can You Trust)
  6. Autobong by Jeweled Snakes on Flesh Lab
  7. My Fault by Irma on ROOM34
  8. Managed World by Privacy Issues on Privacy Issues
  9. Water Closet by Preening on Gang Laughter
  10. Someday I'd Like to Be An Artist by Sonny & The Sunsets on Hairdressers from Heaven (Rocks in Your Head)
  11. Ruby Rain by Luke Sweeney on Peace Meal (Royal Oakie)
  12. Some things always change by Max Gardener on Children Melting Velvet
  13. Paperbag by Turqouiz Noiz on Pray for Rain (Related Records)
  14. Slow Riser by Care on How Long is Long Enough?
  15. Ants by Juicebumps on Jelly
  16. Fucking Queer by Lollygaggers on Cavity Search
  17. (((Temple III))) by Dolphin Midwives on Orchid Milk
  18. Dim Returns (Live) by Small Crimes
  19. Track 2 by Selim X on S. Waragi Codex
  20. Anyway by Secret Secret on HUSH
  21. Apply Yourself by Elle James on Eleventh Hour
  22. Ghost by Rosie Plaza on Off/On
  23. Bliss by The Looseys
  24. Big Car by The Band Ice Cream
  25. Plateau by Psychic Hit on Demo 2018
  26. Ten Foot Man by Glitter Wizard on Opera Villains
  27. Red Planet by In-Sides
  28. Limbo by Fieldress on demos
  29. Abundance of Pleasure by Mint on Mentha (Slang Church)
  30. Hi by Xiu Xiu on Always
  31. Your Band by King Willow (Not Sestra Industries)
  32. The City is Not Alright by Dead in Argentina
  33. Tweakers (Three Different Ones) by Songs for Snakes on Crystal Vapour Figure
  34. Dead Messenger by Together We Can Rule The Galaxy on Long Held Secrets
  35. Down Down Gently by The Younger Lovers on 4/4 Kick... and let the beat ride! (Southpaw)