1. Hotlines by Dogleg on Melee (Triple Crown)
  2. 50 States by Anna's Anchor on Everybody's Welcome (Self Released)
  3. Lines Align by Lilith on Safer Off (Take This To Heart)
  4. Chewing Gum by Sunday Cruise on Am I Pretty? (Self Released)
  5. Commuter Rage by Painted Zeros on When You Found Forever (Self Released)
  6. ABC Blues by Radiator Hospital on New Depression (Self Released)
  7. The First Time I Met The Walrus by CHOW on Ancient Gentle Tower (SLACK!)
  8. Shade by Wax Machine on Earthsong of Silence (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records)
  9. Lay Your Head by Party Cuts on Lay Your Head (Self Released)
  10. Not a Holiday by Cult Babies on Not A Holiday (Self Released)
  11. Heater by Hand Habits on at home (Self Released)
  12. Tucker Special by Glyders on Media Storm/Tucker Special (Self Released)
  13. Very Last Century by The So So Glos on Very Last Century (Self Released)
  14. Up & Down by Jollys on Nightmare / Up & Down (Self Released)
  15. Pyramid Scheme by Pledge Drive on Second Impressions (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  16. One Good Day by Control Top on One Good Day (Self Released)
  17. Selfish Bitch by Monica LaPlante on Selfish Bitch (Hollander Records)
  18. The Sticks by The Cool Greenhouse on The Cool Greenhouse (Melodic Records)
  19. Infatuated by Wolfgang White & The Lonely Hearts on Infatuated (Third Eye Stimuli Records)
  20. The Objector by Xetas on The Cypher (Austin Town Hall)
  21. Inocencia by Boogarins on Fefel2020 (OAR)
  22. Grand Hall by Plant Lab on Plant Lab (Self Released)
  23. Hills by Loose Koozies on Feel a Bit Free (Outer Limits Lounge Records)
  24. Tumbledown by Strangepride on We'll Take It From Here (Self Released)
  25. Sarah by Space Stars on Sarah (Self Released)
  26. Something Teenage by Dream Version (Self Released)
  27. Dim Bulbs by Deadbeat Beat on How Far (Crystal Palace + Arrowhawk Records)
  28. Never Give Up and Never Change by Eroders on Eroders (Outer Limits Lounge Records)
  29. Tomorrow by Hank Wood and the Hammerheads (Self Released)
  30. Never Marigold by War Baby on You Are Not Here (Self Released)
  31. See a Light by Palehound on See a Light (Polyvinyl Records)
  32. Walking Distance by Gladie on from the basement to the garage (band) (Self Released)
  33. Perfect World by Ada Lea on woman, here (Saddle Creek)
  34. Shadowish Puppetry by Skippy Spiral on Circuit Circus (Graveface Records)