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What a week, eh Jack? It's Tuesday!? For people stuck at home has been a little busy as we've been ordered to shelter in place in San Francisco, and that meant our studio is closed. Since then, we've deployed some new tech to enable our DJs to broadcast from home, and with some delight, this week's No Magic — after a little bit of a hiatus, it must be acknowledged — was recorded and broadcast live from a pillow fort in my office.

Given …*gestures generally all around*… the music this week fits a contemplative, detached, wintery mood; it's music that while certianly not rebelious to these conditions, or defiant of the natural instinct to be really very sad about the state of things, provides me a great deal of comfort in its tone and pace. We feature Blur's Think Tank, which fits that whole mood perfectly for me.

It's good to be back on the air, I'll tell you that.

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