Ben Ward

Technical Director · he/him


Ben presents No Magic on Tuesday evenings, and has been with since 2014.

A ten-year transplant to San Francisco from his native UK, he grew up listening to BBC Radio legends like Steve Lamacq, Jo Wiley, Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley, John Peel, and Dave Pearce. They gave him a sense of how to do radio with a certain style and class that he one day only hopes to achieve.

Before No Magic, Ben co-hosted Eclectic Kettle, and he has appeared on episodes of 1.21 Gigawatts, Hello Sunshine, The Long Lunchbreak (twice), and Radical Advice.

In addition to DJ'ing, Ben serves as's Technical Director.


“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”

Recent Shows

A pre-recorded but brand new show this week (I'll be out watching Open Mike Eagle play during actual air time) but hopefully you enjoy this blast…

No Magic № 107 120 mins

We back. Much is the same, and yet, anew: Tonight we enjoy the very first back-in-studio No Magic. Not exactly “post-pandemic”, because… well. But, post-hiatus. In…

No Magic № 103 120 mins

Odd set list this week, was in a strange nostalgic mood that wandered all over. Anyway, we're featuring The Magnetic North 's wonderful Prospect of Skelmersdale…

No Magic № 105 120 mins

This week featuring the wonderful mix-tape covers album by Whyte Horses , Hard Times .

No Magic № 106 120 mins

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