I don't know about you, but I'm not entirely sure where 2021 went. I think deep down we all know why it might have been a confusing one, but still, here we are in January 2022. Fortunately, your friends at BFF.fm are here to help make a little sense of the past 12 months, and at the very least, help ensure you don't miss out on any great records from the year.

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What was Top of the BFF.fm Pops?

Once again, our intrepid music director Nick has compiled the BFF.fm Top 100 — check out the blog post to see our most-played artists of the year.

And what did we really love?

And as we do every year, a whole host of our DJs, writers and podcasters have compiled their favourite sounds from the year. Some short, some long, some data-driven, some very, very emotional. But please, while you have a moment before 2022 really gets going, why not curl up with a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa/strong liquor (your preference) and have a read through our years in review.

Read Our 2021 Top 5 Blog Posts

Thank you for your support, once again in another testing year. You've helped us stay on the air, stream live music through our Besties Bashes, release podcasts and public blog posts.

We've been able to maintain our studio at the Ferry Building, and keep our Bay Area music community visible and rocking. Thanks to our DJs, podcast hosts, writers and volunteers for everything — it wouldn't be possible without this amazing community. We're still going through through a lot, but we get through it together. Happy new year. 🥂