sadderday, #138


  1. Shit Twins by Dads on American Radass (This Is Important) (6131)
  2. How to Build by Twelve Hour Turn on The Victory of Flight (No Idea)
  3. Take It All Away by Queen of Jeans on If you're not afraid, I'm not afraid (Topshelf)
  4. She's Half by The American Analog Set on Set Free (Arts & craft)
  5. Lovers Quarrel by Joshua on Joshua (Doghouse)
  6. That's a Cake! by Spraynard on Cut and Paste (Runner Up)
  7. Thick As Thieves by Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold on What Not To Do (Broken Rim)
  8. VCR 666 by Charmer on ivy (No Sleep)
  9. Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus by Emery on I'm Only A Man (Tooth & Nail)
  10. A Quarters Worth by Boys Life on Boys Life (NO Idea)
  11. Functioned Out by At The Price Of The Union on The Mechanics Of Wind Ep. (Buddy System Records)
  12. two step by nine of swords on i can't stand my own face (self released)
  13. Hot Time in Delaware by Saves the Day on Can't Slow Down (Equal Vision)
  14. Wellington's Wednesdays by The Weakerthans on Fallow (Sub City)
  15. Stage Fright by American Beauty on Summer Sucks (Self Released)
  16. Brush Off by No Knife on Riot for Romance! (Better Looking Records)
  17. A Touch Of Nostalgia by Cadillac Blindside on The Cops Are Here, Lets Split! (One Percent)
  18. Calypso Syngenor Method by Republic of Freedom Fighters on Republic of Freedom Fighters (Linkwork)
  19. Fate, Confidence and an Encounter by Penfold on Our First Taste of Escape (Milligram)
  20. Marginalized thread by Envy on The Fallen Crimson (Temporary residence limited)
  21. The Ghost Of Jean Glam by We Were Skeletons on We Were Skeletons/мища (Topshelf)
  22. Mid Air Love Message by Poison the Well on The Opposite of December...A Season of Separation (Ferret)
  23. Crescent-Shaped Depression (Title Fight Cover) by Touché Amoré on Crescent-Shaped Depression / Face Ghost (Sea Legs)
  24. Chloroform Perfume by From Autumn to Ashes on Too Bad You're Beautiful (Ferret)
  25. Parallels by Thumbnail on A Careless Act Of Faith (File 13)
  26. Rebel Yell Outfit by A Sometimes Promise on A Sometimes Promise (The Association Of Welterweights)
  27. god bless eric taylor by Marietta on summer death (soft speak)
  28. She Paints Me Blue by Something Corporate on North (MCA)
  29. I Wasn't Prepared by Eisley on Laughing City EP (REPRISE)