Ep 121: "Untitled Country"

Samplelov's new album As You Are (bandcamp) calls for a sensuality of dialogue, the songs eschew platitudes for the candor and intimacy of growing relationships, for saying the harder, truer thing. 📸: ig @whygbaby

Episode title is from the Tyler Holmes song "Untitled Country Song I" (bandcamp).

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  1. Untitled Country Song I by Tyler Holmes on HER IS (Self-Released)
  2. Prism by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  3. Health Care Suite by David Castillo on The Suite Life
  4. On Boundaries by Samplelov on As You Are
  5. Mango Juice by Samplelov on As You Are
  6. Happy Birthday by Stress Dreams on Maggie
  7. Body by Trash Vampires on Yardwaste
  8. Pink Trip by Moon on Phases
  9. Heat by Sectarian Bloom on Sectarian Bloom
  10. Hitler's In the Charts Again by Neutrals on Rent/Your House EP
  11. No on Prop State by Private Joan on Organic Output II
  12. McFlurry by BB Sinclair on McLivin'/McDyin'
  13. Goner by Half Stack on Aw Hell
  14. Cash Only by Hits on Sediment Seen (Paisley Shirt)
  15. Don't Wanna Go Home by Nu Normol on No Love Songs
  16. Get In Line by Chaki on The Water
  17. Open Road by Pumpkin on Little EP
  18. Crossing the Ohio by China on And Then Nothing Happened (Royal Oakie)
  19. A to B by Bobbi Rohs on JusttheletterB (textme records)
  20. Talkin Johnny & June (Your Arms Around Me) by Field Medic
  21. Nosebleed by Sarah Coolidge on Sports Fan (Coppermouth Records)
  22. Down by Torrey on Sister
  23. Paradise by Abe Hollow on A Palace in Time (self-released)
  24. Mud by Dawn Riding on Last Spring (self-released)
  25. Dark Ecstasy by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room)
  26. 80ft Me by Tony Jay on The Fence Disappears
  27. The Farthest Shore (demo) by Memory Theater
  28. Pretend by Seablite on High-Rise Mannequins (Emotional Response)
  29. For Rojava by Dès Vu
  30. Sojourn by Held on Held
  31. Your Dog by Rose Droll on Boy Bruise (Father/Daughter Records)
  32. Cleft by Smiley on Smiley
  33. Zappa Dream by Stephen Steinbrink on Utopia Teased (Western Vinyl)
  34. Eject by Swayed on Diminished
  35. Hammered at the Housewarming by UT Kirin
  36. Crashing by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)
  37. Maldoror by Andy Human & the Reptoids on Psychic Sidekick (Total Punk)
  38. 22 by Blades of Joy on Blades of Joy (Melters)
  39. I Was High by Blank Square on Animal I (Castle Face)
  40. Smarter by Bobby on Bobby
  41. The Man from Orange by The Younger Lovers on Sugar in My Pocket (Southpaw)