The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #198

ambient start, through some awesome computer sounds, some vintage glitch house, and ending with an hour long Autechre mix from the Warp NTS takeover from 2019.


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  1. i by shipwreck detective on rest (Visit $ Buy
  2. #F639D6 by numèric on CODE212 (co-dependent) $ Buy
  3. FADC Vol. 1 Side B: Critical Assembly - Crowning Visions - Seven Truths by FREE LOVE on Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Volume One (Visit $ Buy
  4. SC_200111_000852 / Farmers Manual by $ pwgen 20 on Pulsar.scramble (Visit $ Buy
  5. Papillion by exael on Aphelion Lash (Visit $ Buy
  6. Now I'm Rendered Useless by Twerk on Now I'm Rendered Useless (Mille Plateaux) $ Buy
  7. DR0000_1222 by Sideb0ard (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  8. Cybergen by A Guy Called Gerald on Black Secret Technology ( ) $ Buy
  9. Fantasy (Vocal Version) by Baltra on 2015-2019 (Demos + B-Sides) (Visit $ Buy
  10. Ssky by Area 3 on Area 3 (Visit $ Buy
  11. Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 1 by Autechre on Warp30 / WXAXRXP on NTS Radio (Warp) $ Buy