The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #199

Episode 199!

This starts out with some classic Kid606 turn of the century DSP pop crazy, and stays on an early 2000s IDM vibe,  before getting into some awesome new computer sounds and algorave, before finally ending with some grained out granular sounds! 

Get in!


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  1. unititled destinys child by Kid606 on Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles (555 Records) $ Buy
  2. Hipsters Scenesters Teenstars and Fakers by AMY LINTON REMIXED BY KID 606 on Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles (555 Records) $ Buy
  3. Untitled by THE REMOTE VIEWER on THE REMOTE VIEWER (555 Records) $ Buy
  4. Charcoal by Christian Kleine on Electronic Music From The Lost World: 1998-2001 (Visit $ Buy
  5. Geeky Minimal Sausage Party by Twerk on Now I'm Rendered Useless (Mille Plateaux) $ Buy
  6. El Amor by Hrvatski on Compilatrix (1998-2004) (Visit $ Buy
  7. Slip by Tristan Arp on Slip (Visit $ Buy
  8. groove 11.3 by Renick Bell on groove 11.3 (Visit $ Buy
  10. No Ice by errorsmith on Near Disco Dawn (Visit $ Buy
  11. 01 - TRAX1 by Sideb0ard on Further_In Mastered (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  12. 02 - TRAX2 by Sideb0ard on Further_In Mastered (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  13. PINS by Calum Gunn on Addenda (Visit $ Buy
  14. untitled lime by Kindohm on CODE218 (Visit $ Buy
  15. Iron Sharpens Iron by SHADES on Black Heart Communion (Visit $ Buy
  16. HAUNT by Elvin Brandhi on forever (Visit $ Buy
  17. Hush Hush by ITOA on EXIT078 - Itoa - 'Ever Orbit' EP (Visit $ Buy
  18. Crawl & Die by Hellfish on Bastard Sonz Of Rave (Planet Mu) $ Buy
  19. sicko by DJ NICK JERSEY on BLEED (PUPPY03) (Visit $ Buy
  20. 7.19 by x.nte & Elevation on Crumbling (Visit $ Buy
  21. Mirage Hold by Nick Forté on Enter The Jargon (Visit $ Buy
  22. Es Loops by Wake on Murder Gloves (Visit $ Buy
  23. never forgotten by eighty9s on Past Time (Visit $ Buy
  24. Oomoo by Robert Henke (Visit $ Buy
  25. Where the Water Turned by Hidden Valley Logging Company on Atmos (Visit $ Buy