The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #200

woop, 200, eh!

For the 200th episode, I decided to revisit Highpoint Lowlife, the record label's past catalog, from 2001-2011.

Catch up with releases and tracks by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Chris Douglas/OST/Dalglish, Hot City / DJ Haus, Bovaflux, Fisk Industries, The Marcia Blaine School for Girls - all yer fav releases! 


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  1. RE/Ann by Joshua Torres on Tired Of Standing Still (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  2. 18 by Dalglish on OtJohr (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  3. Bowie and Iggy on Dinah by Donna Summer on 8bitrecs EP ( $ Buy
  4. circle by Recon on White Label (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  5. ebek 1/30 by Tigrics on ---- ( $ Buy
  6. Dance Of The Melon Man by The Marcia Blaine School For Girls on Some Paths Lead Back Again (companion EP) (8bitrecs) $ Buy
  7. Blood by Fisk Industries on Magnetism, That Electricity (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  8. I Never Heard by n.Ln on Astronomy For Children (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  9. Now Here by Izu on Some Paths Lead Back Again (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  10. Ruskoline Monster by Production Unit on Some Paths Lead Back Again (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  11. Puffin by Feld on Some Paths Lead Back Again (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  12. Kleine by Bovaflux on Where There Was Nothing (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  13. Troubled Moves by randomNumber on Golden Acre Sleeps (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  14. The Rule of False Positions by Marshall Watson on Math and Other Word Problems (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  15. Nervous / Delay by Mandelbrot on Effect / Delay (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  16. Reduce by Like A Stuntman on Reduce (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  17. Head Work by Hot City on Yeah! / Head Work (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  18. Woodface by Funckarma on Dubstoned EP1 (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  19. Hallow by 10-20 on Island (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  20. Aklo Cut With Saffron by TVO on The Starry Wisdom (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  21. Darby by Depakote on The Gummo Album (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  22. What Makes You So Special by ROOF LIGHT on What Makes You So Special (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  23. Sautomated by Brassica on Physic Or Surgery (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  24. Good Mourning (Leafcutter John remix) by Friends Of The Jitney on Physic Or Surgery (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy
  25. Digital Synthesis for Human Bodies (Live at AAA excerpt) by Kit Clayton on Algorithmic Art Assembly v1.0 (Highpoint Lowlife) $ Buy