1. I Never Loved a Man by Aretha Franklin on I Never Loved a Man (The Way that I Love You) (Atlantic Records)
  2. Chamber Choir by The Pine Barons on Pine Barons
  3. Digby Rising by Charlie Ungry on The Chester Road Album
  4. Squash by Townes Van Zandt on n.a
  5. Steal Away by Jimmy Hughes on Jimmy Hughes (Atlantic Records)
  6. If I'm on the Late Side by Faces on Ooh La La
  7. East to West by Yonatan Gat on Director (Joyful Noise)
  8. Breakup Songs by Deerhoof on Breakup Song (n.a)
  9. The Trouble with Those Mothra Girls by Daikaiju on Daikaiju (n.a)
  10. When You Were My Baby by The Magnetic Fields on The Wayward Bus (n.a)
  11. Amarillo Highway by Terry Allen on Lubbock on Everything
  12. Primrose Green by Ryley Walker on Primrose Green
  13. I Can't Seem to Make You Mine by The Clientele on Strange Geometry
  14. Sugar Mountain by Neil Young on Live at Canterbury House (none)
  15. You Don't Know Me by Ray Charles on Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
  16. Tezeta by Mulatu Astatke on The Story of Ethio Jazz
  17. Arhegh Danagh by Tinariwen on Emmaar