1. Babylonians by Evan Caminiti on Varispeed Hydra (Dust Editions)
  2. Beyond The Haze by Chihei Hatakeyama on Illusion Harbor (Subcontinental)
  3. Six Steppa by Ben Bondy & exael on Aphelion Lash (West Mineral Ltd.)
  4. keshiki by FUJI||||||||||TA on iki (Hallow Ground)
  5. The Currents Mislead (Hand in Hand) by Cremation Lily on The Process and Instruments of Normal People (Alter)
  6. Final by Clarice Jensen on The experience of repetiotion as death (130701)
  7. Nilas by Jake Muir on Profile Of The Lines (Concentric)
  8. For Want of Gelt by Minor Science on Second Language (Whities)
  9. ADMSDP by DJ Python & LA Warman on Mas Amable (Incienso)