The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ Cliff And Ivy & DJ Misanthropia Narcissus (Detroit) 4/28/20


  1. Will To The Power by Cliff And Ivy on Tiny Gods Who Walk Beside Us Compilation (2020)
  2. Amphetimine Logic by The Sisters Of Mercy on First And Last And Always (1985)
  3. Oxytocin by Drab Majesty on Modern Mirror (2018)
  4. Experiment IV by Kate Bush on The Whole Story (1986)
  5. Cross Of Lorraine by Christ vs Warhol on Dissent (2010)
  6. Ohm by Cliff And Ivy on The Best Of Cliff And Ivy (2020)
  7. Wildfire by HIDE on Castration Anxiety (2018)
  8. Humana by Sevdaliza on Humana (2016)
  9. Take Me To Hell by SWARM on Take Me To Hell (2016)
  10. Fiction by Not My God on Fiction (2020)
  11. EightStar by Cliff And Ivy on Blood & Dust: A Gothic Western Compilation (2020)
  12. Death Cures All Pain by Suicide Commando on Implements of Hell (2010)
  13. Rain Of Blood by Die Form on InHuman (2004)
  14. Down By The River by PJ Harvey on To Bring You My Love (1995)