May 9, 2020: DFA Music Showcase on 'Mai + Charlie' (rebroadcast)


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  1. Love Stops Here by The Juan Maclean on In A Dream (DFA Records) $ Buy
  2. Soft As Rain by Dan Bodan on Soft (DFA Records) $ Buy
  3. Compass Point by Holy Ghost! on Crime Cutz (DFA Records) $ Buy
  4. Kids In A Coma by Eric Copeland on Black Bubblegum (DFA Records) $ Buy
  5. Lights Out (Orphx Remix) by Essaie Pas on single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  6. Boy Trouble by Benoit & Sergio on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  7. TWO DIFFERENT WAYS (SECOND WAY) by Factory Floor on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  8. The Girl With Better Clothes by Crooked Man on Crooked Man (DFA Records) $ Buy
  9. Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen cover) by Hot Chip on Dancing in the Dark single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  10. Reign by Prinzhorn Dance School on Home Economics (DFA Records) $ Buy
  11. Smiling Off (DFA Remix) by Black Dice on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  12. Emily by Shocking Pinks on Shocking Pinks (DFA Records) $ Buy
  13. Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem on Sound of Silver (DFA Records) $ Buy
  14. Nothing I Wanna Do by Lace Curtain on Lace Curtain (DFA Records) $ Buy
  15. Is There No End by Shit Robot on What Follows (DFA Records) $ Buy
  16. Warm Spell (Larry Gus Remix) by Sinkane on Mars, deluxe edition (DFA Records) $ Buy
  17. Fog Of Sex (N.S.I.S.) (Feat. Meg Remy / U.S. Girls) by Slim Twig on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  18. Tripped and Fell in Love by YACHT on Shangri-La (DFA Records) $ Buy
  19. I Try To Talk To You by Hercules & Love affair feat. John Grant on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  20. A Set Of Replies by Larry Gus on I Need New Eyes (DFA Records) $ Buy
  21. Snake Bite by Jee Day on Single (DFA Records) $ Buy
  22. Glimpse Of Hope by Nils Bech on Echo EP (DFA Records) $ Buy
  23. Warm Spell (Larry Gus remix) by Sinkane on MARS (Deluxe Edition) (DFA Records) $ Buy