Another pre-recorded episode... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESS!!!


  1. Ancient Steel by The Berries (Self Released)
  2. Mother's Son by Prism Tats (Anti- Records)
  3. My Hands Grow by Ratboys on Printer's Devil (Topshelf Records)
  4. Teacher's Pet by Melody on Teacher's Pet (Lauren Records)
  5. No Home Planet by Scrunchies on Feral Coast (Self Released)
  6. Lydia by Galore on Galore (Rocks In Your Head Records)
  7. Excusas by Cariño on Movidas (Elefant)
  8. Run Blacksnake Run by King Khan & His Lonesome Guitar on Ugly Women (Khannibalism)
  9. Run On The Bank by UK Gold on Epigram No. 2 (Self Released)
  10. Falling by Meat Market on MM (Self Released)
  11. Streets of Doom by Dangereens on Tough Luck (Alien Snatch Records)
  12. No puedo pensar by Melenas on Dias raros (Trouble In Mind)
  13. Dark Waters by WICCANS on IT CAME FROM THE OUTER LIMITS Compilation (Outer Limits Lounge Recording)
  14. Won't Back Down by THICK on 5 Years Behind (Epitaph)
  15. I Don't Think So by The Coathangers on Nosebleed Weekend (Suicide Squeeze)
  16. Strong Woman by Jen Cloher on Jen Cloher (Milk! Records)
  17. Crypt by Corey Flood on Wish You Hadn't EP (Fire Talk)
  18. Almanac by The Living Eyes on Peak Hour Traffic 7 (Anti Fade)
  19. Paperweight by Nape Neck on Nape Neck (Self Released)
  20. Flashbacks by Bathrobe on Bathrobe (Self Released)
  21. Ocho Espadad by Vueltas on 5 Song Demo (Self Released)
  22. Hot Rain (ft. Carson Nitely) by Tom Ghoulie (Self Released)
  23. Wasted Time by Pink Mexico on Idiot Piss Illiterate (Broken Clover Records)
  24. Fish in My Head Demo by Bleach Party on Fish in My Head Demo (Self Released)
  25. Teeter Totter by The Sluts on Enjoy the Show (Self Released)
  26. Pyramid Scheme by Pledge Drive on Second Impressions (What's for Breakfast? Records)
  27. A Smile and a Promise by The Resonars on Extended Play (Hidden Volume Records)
  28. I Can't Remember by Dark Thoughts on Must Be Nice (STUPID BAG RECORDS & DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS)
  29. Good Time by Powerplant on A Spine/Evidence (Static Shock Records)
  30. Mooncake by Empat Lima on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  31. Chemnitz by The Inserts on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  32. Dream Baby Dream by Vital Idles on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  33. Waterfall by Slag Queens on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  34. Overstimulation / White Male Teacher by Mr. Wrong on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  35. Dead End Fantasy by Latitude on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  36. Accidente by Linda Guilala on Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response Records)
  37. Twilight Zone by Feral Jenny on Starling (Self Released)
  38. Come Here Alone by Trampoline Team on Trampoline Team (Hozac Records)