1. Highs And Lows by L'Resorts on L'Resorts (Self Released)
  2. Ouchi Time by Kikagaku Moyo on Ouchi Time (Looking Glass)
  3. Fake Friends by Ariel View on Fake Friends (Epitaph)
  4. Shade by Wax Machine on Earthsong of Silence (Beyone Beyond Is Beyond Records)
  5. La Ultima Vez by Y La Bamba on Mariposa De Coalcomán (Sub Pop)
  6. Coastal Pines by jade imagine on You Remind Me of Something I Lost (Milk Records)
  7. Flowerhead by ARBOR LABOR UNION on New Petal Instants (Arrowhawk Records)
  8. Angel's Gear by Dummy on Dummy EP (Self Released)
  9. Bite My Lip by Ordinary Reaper on No Plans (Self Released)
  10. There Is No There There by Gorgeous on Egg (Sad Cactus Records)
  11. Sad Eyes by Sweet Reaper on Closer Still (Self Released)
  12. I Know by The High Curbs on Tommy (Burger Records)
  13. California Mud by Salt Lick (Mock Records)
  14. White Walls by Kontrol (Burger Records)
  15. Almanac by The Living Eyes on Peak Hour Traffic 7 (Anti Fade)
  16. Break A by Vital Idles on EP (Self Released)
  17. End of the World by Worriers on You or Someone You Know (6131 Records)
  18. Waste of Time by Bloods on Seattle (Self Released)
  19. Forgetting Symptom by Shell of a Shell on Away Team (Exploding In Sound)
  20. Metamorphoses by Nos Da on s/t Tape (Let's Pretend Records)
  21. Hard To by Celestial Shore on Sunnyland (Self Released)
  22. Selling Candy by OHMME on Fantasize Your Ghost (Joyful Noise)
  23. Say What You Mean by Latitude on L'atitude (Royal Oakie)
  24. Life Advice by The Cool Greenhouse on The Cool Greenhouse (Melodic Records)
  25. Ballet of Apes by Brigid Dawson & the Mothers Network (CastleFace Records)
  26. Open Your Eyes by Cathedrale on Houses Are Built the Same (Self Released)
  27. Dimed by Stuck on Change Is Bad (born yesterday records)
  28. Can't Stand This Place by The Ar-Kaics on Ar-Kives Vol. 1 (Dig! Records)
  29. Light Speed Vol. 1 by Pinocchio on s/t EP (Toxic State Records)
  30. Crawlers by Cold Meat on Hot and Flustered (Static Shock Records)
  31. Crossword Cheater by Parsnip on Adding Up 7 (Anti Fade)
  32. Little Gemini by Faux Killas on Raw Sugar (Self Released)
  33. Decline by CB Radio Gorgeous on CB Radio Gorgeous - EP (Not Normal Tapes)
  34. Idols by The Lupines on Eternal Wax (Self Released)