The Hanging Garden Radio Show 4/9 with DJ Xiola and interview with Merrick Testerman!


  1. SOS by One Man Army
  2. Little Old Town by The Lucky Eejits
  3. Sweet Sweet Heart by The Vibrators
  4. Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers
  5. At A Later Date by Warsaw
  6. Schandenfreude by Wax Idols
  7. Atomic Flash Deluxe by Nina Hagen
  8. Curious Guy by The Legendary Pink Dots
  9. Bruises by Gene Loves Jezebel
  10. Dead Tormented by Angels of Liberty
  11. Reflection (zoundbies mix) by The Cemetery Girlz
  12. The Ballad of The Red Flame Lily by Rome
  13. Thracian Gaia by Daemonia Nymphe
  14. Worm Ouroboros by Withered
  15. Penetrate by Aghast Manor
  16. Fall Apart (Rose Mix) by Death In June
  17. Into The Light by Siouxsie and The Banshees
  18. Spectre (Love Is Dead) by Christian Death
  19. Emily Closer by The Wake
  20. A Day by Clan of Xymox
  21. Dance With Me by Lords of The New Church
  22. Horror Holiday by Nosferatu
  23. Acid Bats by Catarsis
  24. Shadow Dancing by The Bee Gees
  25. Lenore by Strap On Halo