transfiguration #142 special guest mix by Cofaxx (NYC)

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  1. Driving by Sibylle Baier
  2. Walkman by G. B. Beckers
  3. Capel Celyn by Bibio (Warp)
  4. 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed by Silver Mt. Zion
  5. Spangles  by Pontiac Streator (Self-released)
  6. Movement 3 by New World Science
  7. MMXIX by Dedekind Cut
  8. Freeland by Blacks’ Myths
  9. Dart by Mister Water Wet
  10. Forest Palace by D.K.
  11. Papillion by Exael (Visit
  12. Untitled by Khan Jamal Creative Arts Ensemble
  13. People Of Yoruba by Jah Shaka & Mad Professor
  14. Hollywood Dreamer (Autobouncer620 edit) by Lucki
  15. Tarahumara by Motion Graphics
  16. The Shape of a Raindrop by Anthony Pirog
  17. X by Dean Blunt
  18. Water Movements by Pacific Coliseum on How's Life (Let's Play House)
  19. Loss of Control by Cofaxx on REMOTE RHYTHMS Benefit Compilation (Atlantic Rhythms)
  20. Djatasoun by Tidiane Thiam on Siftorde (Sahel Sounds)
  21. Drömmens Tassemarker by Snufmumriko on Sekunder, Eoner (Dronarivm)
  22. Blanket Dub by Huerta on Junipero (Voyage)
  23. Mauve Tracksuit by Cofaxx on Isomorphic (Isomorphic)
  24. Cycle Of by OMMA on DOMA (Antinote)
  25. Jungle In The City by Roza Terenzi on Modern Bliss (Planet Euphorique)
  26. Te Lapa (Phosphorus) by Mike Cooper on Kiribati (Room40)
  27. Erosion by Hame DJ on Sandtrax (Kalahari Oyster Cult)
  28. Memory Screen by RIP Swirl on Hope U Are Well (Public Possession)
  29. Echeveria by Sinerider on Moonflowers (Dronarivm)
  30. Cyber (Float Mix) by Rossum Universal Tracks on There Will Come Soft Reigns (All my thoughts)
  31. Push Around by Adam Pits on International Wafter (Coastal Haze)
  32. New Wind by RR on Train of Thought (Growing Bin)