Ep 130: "Party Out of Bounds"

Dax Pierson is a founding member of Subtle, that rolling onslaught of experimental prog and rap that was, dare I say, the most exciting Bay Area band of the 2000s. An auto accident while Subtle was on tour in 2005 left Dax paralyzed, and last year he released his solo debut Live in Oakland on Ratskin Records (bandcamp), which finds his nimble, complex and challenging creativity undiminished.

From the Dept. of Defund and Abolish the Police:

Helpful hints for crafting your own letter:

  • Lay out your expectations and your terms! Could be one thing, could be more detailed;
  • Don't self-moderate your asks based on what you you think they'll be amenable to-- expand their conception of what they need to do in order to maintain your support;
  • Frame your demands as an explicit electoral threat, e.g.: "I will be basing my support for your future candidacy on the progress you make on this issue."
  • Don't necessarily tip your hand in the subject line, I've been using "Constituent Request re: Police Department". Staff keep tallies of emails for and against different issues, but you want them to read your words.

Episode title is from the B-52's song "Party Out of Bounds".

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  1. Party Out of Bounds by The B-52's on Wild Planet (Warner Bros.)
  2. Break
  3. True Fuschnick by FU-Schnickens on F.U. Don't Take It Personal (Jive)
  4. The Prime Element by Elvin Jones on At This Point in Time (Blue Note)
  5. El Fin Del Mundo by bam!bam! on NAILS (self-released)
  6. Krafteno by Dax Pierson on Live in Oakland (Ratskin Records)
  7. A Snap of the Neck by Dax Pierson on Live in Oakland (Ratskin Records)
  8. Centaurus by The Balmer Series on Sublimatum
  9. Mooncrab and the Suncat by Cheflee on Water for the Town v.2 (SMARTBOMB)
  10. Break
  11. Heaven Must Have Sent You (12" Version) by Bonnie Pointer (Motown)
  12. On Boundaries by Samplelov on As You Are
  13. Is an Island by Mahawam on Is an Island (Molly House Records)
  14. Health Care Suite by David Castillo on The Suite Life
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  16. Walnut by Moon on Phases
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  18. Zyprexa by Buzzed Lightbeer
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  21. Juggalos vs. Nazis by 2 Lazy Boys on The Recline of Western Civilization
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