Ep 131: "Sous les Pavés, la Plage"

Galore, whose debut album Galore is out this Friday on Rocks in Your Head Records (bandcamp), crafts spacious gems with multiple voices and unexpected hooks that move my feet and bloom so positive in my mind.

Support local media today:

  • Galore asks you to help support Black media in the Bay Area by supporting The Bay View News, since 1976 "a communications network for the Black community worldwide";
  • The Oaklandside is a month-old nonprofit news outlet led by some of our best local reporters, launched in the middle of (waves hand) all this, they've been chronicling the fight in the streets and in the halls of government.

Link of the week is this timeline for Oakland's budget process, from September 2020 through June 2021. Good to think about how a campaign could be built around these dates to, ahem, reduce spending in certain parts of the budget:

  • Sept 2020: Baseline Development
  • Jan-Mar 2021: Community Surveys
  • Feb 1: Five Year Forecast
  • Mar 20: Special Budget Workshop
  • Apr 1: Statement of Council Member Priorities
  • May 1: Proposed Policy Budget Released
  • May 1-June 10: Townhall Meetings
  • May 15: Proposed Budget
  • Jun 1: City Council deliberations
  • Jun 17: City Council Pres Proposed Budget
  • Jun 27: City Council Budget Amendments
  • Jun 30: Council Budget Adoption

Episode title is a slogan coined during radical protests in France in 1968, in English "Beneath the concrete, the beach."

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  1. 3 by Heno. & ASTU on SHEEESH
  2. CPR by Harvey Forgets on Sounds from Inside Vol. 1 (Shut-In Records)
  3. Уносишься прочь (Guided by Voices cover) by Последняя Вечеринка on Всё (Ionoff Music)
  4. Is an Island by MaHaWaM on Is an Island (Molly House Records)
  5. Silence by Galore on Galore (Rocks in Your Head Records)
  6. Lydia by Galore on Galore (Rocks In Your Head Records)
  7. ((((Confuser)))) by Pacific Yew on ((((Maidenhair))))
  8. Your House by Neutrals on Rent/Your House EP (Domestic Departure)
  9. Zyprexa by Buzzed Lightbeer
  10. Lost the World by The Customers on Flooded EP
  11. Chew by Pork Belly on Jinx & Chew
  12. #ybgtt by Qing Qi on If the Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch (Self-Released)
  13. Cheesecake Girlfriend Loves Pottery by Josh PM on Sounds from Inside Vol. 1 (Shut-In Records)
  14. Everything's Fine (When I Go Outside) by Mae Powell
  15. Venting with Dorothy by Bryson Wallace
  16. Sirius by The Balmer Series on Sublimatum
  17. Late June by Marinero on High Tone
  18. 2 Minute Bars by Ovrkast. feat. Mavi on Try Again
  19. Shark Skin by SOAR on Soft Dial Tone
  20. Global Warning by K Skelton on Beach Motel
  21. Will Anything Happen (Blondie cover) by Al Harper on This Time
  22. Glittery Sidewalks by Healing Potpourri on Blanket of Calm (Run for Cover)
  23. Fortune Teller by Brijean
  24. Hold Still by Ötzi on Storm (Artoffact)
  25. For1One by Spote Breeze on Water for the Town V.2 (SMARTBOMB)
  26. Babycakes by Stress Dreams on Maggie
  27. 360 Degrees of Power by Sister Souljah on 360 Degrees of Power
  28. Breakup Songs (Live) by Deerhoof & Wadada Leo Smith on To Be Surrounded By Beautiful, Curious, Breathing, Laughing Flesh Is Enough (self release)
  29. Wings of Love by Half Stack on Wings of Love (Forged Artifacts)
  30. Really Real by Anna Hillburg on Really Real
  31. Sometimes Like by Dephkhan on Water for the Town V.2 (SMARTBOMB)
  32. Run Away by Maggie Gently on Good Cry
  33. Prism by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  34. Far Away featuring Sunni by Just Rese
  35. Future's Wild by New Spell on Of Time, Pt.3
  36. 22nd Century by Nina Simone on Here Comes the Sun