Ep 132: "Clear and Present Music"

If you're sitting by a river, it's fun to close your eyes and distinguish each sound in the vicinity, and I recommend doing the same for the songs of Pacific Yew's (((Maidenhair)))) (bandcamp), which offer such a taut, minimal balance of core elements, that in beholding each simultaneously, you find yourself present, and going somewhere.

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  1. And Then... by Danilo Perez on Motherland (Verve Records)
  2. Mad Love by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind)
  3. (((( Confuser )))) by Pacific Yew on (​(​(​( Maidenhair )​)​)​) (Hot Record Societé)
  4. (((( Iceberg )))) by Pacific Yew on (​(​(​( Maidenhair )​)​)​) (Hot Record Societé)
  5. Focus by Saoirse Dream on Collection (self released)
  6. Double Hearted by Madeline Kenney on Sucker's Lunch (Carpark Records)
  7. All I Need by Quinn Deveaux on Book of Soul (self released)
  8. Falling in Love with Him Again Was the Most Exciting Time in My Life by Grace Sings Sludge on Christ Mocked & the End of a Relationship (Empty Cellar Records)
  9. Bored Now by Gorgeous Dykes (self released)
  10. Goodbye Silicon Valley by Yung Chomsky (self released)
  11. Break
  12. Goner (Live) by Practicing Sincerity on Live at Outer Space (self released)
  13. Made by Creux Lies on Made (Cleopatra)
  14. Gay for You by Telepathic Children (self released)
  15. Take Control (Remix) by Jay Stone feat. Shruggs, Jjaahz, Queens D. Light & Lauren Dupreé on Take Control (EP) (self released)
  16. Cherry Soda by Abracadabra on Cherry Soda (self released)
  17. Look Away by R.E. Seraphin on A Room Forever (Paisley Shirt Records)
  18. Hear the Voice and Prayer by Turner Capehart on Early Music (self released)
  19. Sour Milk Sea by The Beatles on Esher Demos 1968 (Apple Corps)
  20. Walnut by Moon on Phases (self released)
  21. Babe by James Wavey aka Alleyes Manifest feat. Mae Powell on Babe (self released)
  22. Only Human by NRVS LVRS on Cult Lite (Hz Castle)
  23. Inner Circle by Moonrun (m.o.o.n.r.u.n.)
  24. Glaze by Hits on Sediment Seen (Paisley Shirt Records)
  25. M80 by M80 on Apathy (self released)
  26. We Are The Younger Lovers by Younger Lovers on Rock Flawless (Burger)
  27. Danger (Sonata) by Small Crimes on Dim Returns (self released)
  28. Smash a Cop in the Face (with a fucking ROCK) by 2 Lazy Boys on The Recline of Western Civilization (self released)
  29. Heat by Sectarian Bloom on Sectarian Bloom (self released)
  30. Fade Away by Secret Secret on Fade Away (self released)
  31. Open Road by Pumpkin on Little EP (self released)
  32. Pretend by Seablite on High-Rise Mannequins (Emotional Response)
  33. C0mput3r_P30pl3 by Juicebumps on Hello Pinky! (Lil Slugger)
  34. Game Six by Swiftumz (Fruits & Flowers)
  35. Days Like Water by Plattenbau on Days Like Water (Glowing Dagger)
  36. Four Wall Song feat. Wall Sounds by Malindi Walker on Sounds from Inside Vol. 1 (Shut-In Records)
  37. Zero Dub I by WATKINS/PEACOCK on Acid Escape Vol Zero (F R E A K S)
  38. Sweats by Praying on I'm No Healer (self released)
  39. End America by INVERTS on Invisible Wounds (self released)
  40. Oakland Vive y Llora by Deseos Primitivos on Deseos Primitivos (1028476 Records DK)