Professional Fans Radio - 4/13/15


  1. Fever Dog (Almost Famous Cover) by Rivergazer on Faux Real II (Father/Daughter)
  2. Cuushe by Tie (Cascine)
  3. All Hands On Deck (Giraffage Remix) by Tinashe
  4. Greed by Stealing Sheep on Get Not Real (Heavenly Recordings)
  5. Steve Polyester by Ava Luna on Infinite House (Western Vinyl)
  6. Eija by Tarcar (Blackest Ever Black)
  7. Sightseeing by Ludus on The Visit/Seduction
  8. My Side by Drake on If You're Reading This It's Too Late (Cash Money)
  9. High - Lo by Broken Water on Wrought (Night-People Records)
  10. Disease Freak by Alex Calder on Mold Boy (Captured Tracks)
  11. Isn't Anything by Morning Smoke on Corners (Lollipop Records)
  12. Cool Slut by Chastity Belt on Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)
  13. Blues Festival by Protomartyr on A Half of 7 (Hardly Art)
  14. I Remember by Bully
  15. Misery by Julian Elorduy
  16. Ideal World by Girlpool - (Wichita Recordings)
  17. I'm In Hill by Pink Slime on Slime EP
  18. Confusion by Capital Punishment on Roadkill (Captured Tracks)
  19. Beast by Creep Beat on S/T Demo ((n/a))
  20. Wait Now by In Letter Form
  21. Can't Get Happy by Only Real on Pass the Pain
  22. Fall by Blooms
  23. Last Chance To Dance by Ekkah on Last Chance To Dance (Heavenly Records)
  24. Naked Eye by Luscious Jackson on Fever In Fever Out (Capitol Records)
  25. Bad Bad Boys by Midi, Maxi & Efti
  26. I Don't Care by Prince Innocence on Easy Life EP