1. Night Terrors by Bad Moves on Untenable (Don Giovanni)
  2. Virginger Brown by Le Tour on s/t (Self Released)
  3. Último Episodio by Biznaga on Gran Pantalla (Slovenly Records)
  4. Ya no es verano by Melenas on Dias raros (Trouble In Mind)
  5. Where to Start by Bully on SUGAREGG (Sub Pop)
  6. Tried & True by Upset on Upset (Lauren Records)
  7. Honestly by The Maxines on Burn It Down (Girlsville)
  8. Woke Up White by Imani Coppola on The Blackwashing (Compilation) (Z Tapes)
  9. Creature by Soultru & Progeny on Soultru (Self Released)
  10. Guardian Well by Mikal Cronin on Switched-On Seeker (Merge Records)
  11. My friend by Holögrama on YOU WANT TO FEEL THE SAME (Self Released)
  12. View Park Yoshimitsu by Orlando Kennedy on Argentina II (Self Released)
  13. Guns of Brixton (The Clash Cover) by Mattiel on Double Cover (ATO)
  14. Blurred Visions by Chemtrails on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable (PNKSLM)
  15. Radical by Virvon Varvon on Mind Cancer (Girlsville)
  16. The Invitation by Constant Insult on History in Shorthand (Let's Pretend Records)
  17. Faded Mask by Curfews on Stunted (Temporal Records)
  18. Bottom of the Lake by Barely Civil on I'll Figure This Out (Take This to Heart Records)
  19. The Farm by Double Grave on Goodbye, Nowhere! (Forged Artifacts)
  20. Waiting Around by Mon Nobi on The Blackwashing (Compilation) (Z Tapes)
  21. City of Ashes (Revamped) by Jhariah on To Mend the Sun (Self Released)
  22. Mad Love by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind)
  23. Same Shit / Complicated by kimya dawson on Thunder Thighs (Self Released)
  24. You Don't Have To Cry by Shormey on The Blackwashing (Compilation) (Z Tapes)
  25. Clean Kill by Coriky on Coriky (Dischord Records)
  26. The Center Won't Hold by Sleater Kinney on The Center Won't Hold (Mom + Pop)
  27. One Good Day by Control Top on One Good Day (Self Released)
  28. TWA by UK Gold on Epigram No. 2 (Girlsville)
  29. Shards by Green/Blue on Green/Blue (Slovenly Records)
  30. The Pits by Fake Rays on Fake Rays & Greed Island Split (Midnight Werewolf Records)
  31. Clay Pigeons by Shannon Lay & Steve Gunn (Sub Pop)
  32. Rock 'N' Roll / EGA by Death Valley Girls (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  33. Crystal Blue by Clarke and the Himselfs on Mary Rae Says (Sub Pop)
  34. Paranoid by J. Fisher (Self Released)
  35. Picket Fence by Moodie Black on The Blackwashing (Compilation) (Z Tapes)