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Episode 105 is a soundscape journey of layered audio and songs to give you space to relax and reflect. Mixed in with the music you'll hear ocean waves, rain, birds, jungle sounds, fire crackling, winds blowing, and more. Artists include Porangui, Desert Dwellers, Miguel Campbell, Pink Floyd, Thievery Corporation, Alice Coltrane, Monster Rally, Odesza, and other favorites. This experimental theme for Night Light Radio is a new adventure, enjoy! (Spotify playlist) 🖤🌈🤍🎶 Mz Prizm

Activism Opportunity -- Reflection

If you like me are a white person, working to learn and be more anti-racist, you can check out these questions and resources from @heyrach_ on instagram (***click to see post***):  

An incomplete, personal inventory on Anti-Racism*.

*an inquiry practice inspired and informed by anti-racist visionaries and thought leaders (see caption) to help you self-assess and start or deepen your work. Note: there are no shortcuts to doing the work. Start now.

What is my sphere of influence? Who/what am I connected to? Communities (social, athletic, religious/spiritual, etc), Workplace, School, Civic life, Other institutions, Family / friends

Where & how do I live? What is my life like? (This will help you assess your capacity/how to get involved). Examples: I live in an urban setting. I raise children or caretake others. I'm retired. I'm a student.

Where do I see white privilege in my daily life? Consider the factors above. Are there Black people in leadership at your workplace? How are the Black students doing at your school? Is your city council actively antiracist?

What does anti-racism mean to me? Where do I carry racist ideas within myself? (I'm going to let it be ok if I don't know. I am going to start somewhere. I will explore the resources in the caption below and research to find more.)

How do I participate in systems of oppression? (Yes, this is going to hurt to look at but I will be brave and compassionate with myself as I do.)

What will I change about my life to dismantle white supremacy? (I will see this as an opportunity to grow and heal. I will be humble as I go toward what may feel uncomfortable.)

I acknowledge that white supremacy is the water in which we swim. Simply by being alive at this time, I have been unable to avoid participating in oppression. I will not turn away. I will do the work, whatever it takes. I commit to being an anti-racist.

caption for above post by @heyrach_

*NOTE: This post is a product of doing anti-racism work through curriculum produced by Black, brown, indigenous and other POC writers, scholars, educators, creatives, visionaries, thought leaders. There are experts in this field you must learn from. Find them, buy their books, pay them, amplify their voices, share their work. I have resources at the bottom of this post.
Place yourself in this moment. Notice how endless scrolling and absorbing pacifies you into feeling like you did something. Feel into how sharing an Instagram story and receiving feedback spikes your serotonin but keeps you from looking at your life: your friends, your choices, your workplace, your neighborhood. There is a way in which some superficial engagement in this moment can become a cheap substitute for the incredibly personal *labor* involved in chipping away at all the layers white supremacy has caked on you, all the ways white supremacy has morphed your perspective, distorted the way you think, done its work on you. We MUST locate ourselves in this moment so that we can evaluate our proximity to the common humanity that is critical to truly end racism and oppression toward liberation.
Here we are: America was founded to be a white supremacist nation built on slave labor that never ended, just mutated in sinister ways; a nation that has been an ever-evolving laboratory for the violent construct of whiteness. Say it with me: "simply by being alive at this time, somehow, someway, I have participated in white supremacy." Please, flip through the slides above and take an inventory of your life. The time is urgent. Do the work. This tool is a tiny fraction of what’s needed but we have to make this personal, we have to slow down, we have to see ourselves, here. Now.
@rachel.cargle resources, including a #DotheWork 30 day course
@laylafsaad , "Me and White Supremacy"
@iamrachelricketts, "Spiritual Activism 101 Course"
@ibramxk, "How to be an Antiracist"
Michelle Alexander's "The New Jim Crow"
@ijeomaoluo “So You Want To Talk About Race"
everything James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Toni Morrison...wrote
@keeangayamahtta “Race for Profit”
@ihartericka courses

[end caption on post from @heyrach_]

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