BOOTY | J Phlip, Worthy, Funkadelic, Digital Underground

🍑  Episode 106 is a tribute to something all of us people have in common ... we got BOOTY!!! Today's eclectic musical ride is a chance to shake your derriere to everything from funk to deep house to old school hip hop. Lots of local and independent tracks. One epic ukulele ballad. Enjoy! Caution -- NSFW

 Spotify playlist

🖤🌈🤍🎶 Mz Prizm


  1. Buttsqueezer by 5000 Fingers of Dr T on Buttsqueezer (Clan Analogue)
  2. Pump The Rump by Yolanda Be Cool, Worthy on Pump The Rump (Club Sweat)
  3. Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow by Funkadelic on Free Your Mind... (Westbound Records Inc.)
  4. Fantasies by Ali Wong on Baby Cobra (Comedy Dynamics)
  5. You Only Live Once (The Asshole Song) by Rachel Lark on Vagenius (Rachel Lark)
  6. Freaks Of The Industry by Digital Underground on Sex Packets (Tommy Boy Music)
  7. Big Ass, Party Hat - Original Mix by J. Phlip on The Barbary Coast EP (DIRTYBIRD, Rook)
  8. Make That Booty Clap - Original Mix by Kill Frenzy, dj funk on Make That Booty Clap (DIRTYBIRD)
  9. Apple Bottoms by Sepehr on 10 Years of Anabatic (Anabatic)
  10. Do You Eat Ass by Princess Vitarah on Do You Eat Ass (Princess Vitarah)
  11. Loose Booty by Funkadelic on America Eats Its Young (Westbound)
  12. Wonderful Ass by Prince on Purple Rain (Deluxe Expanded Edition) (Warner)