The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #208

straight up weird computer music again this week!

Got some new craziness including tracks from Kindohm, Atom TM, several Exael tracks, local lad Chris Otchy, and an excellent new drop/teaser from Actress - available from

check it!


  1. osFeersar by Kindohm on Fear of Tears for Fears (Visit
  2. R3V by Atom™ on <3 (Visit
  3. Adorned by Duswunder on Plated Body (Visit
  4. ??? Étude by Aimée-Sofia Brown on Jump Skiff (Visit
  5. ice that melts the tips by exael on demonic attachment (Visit
  6. Torqued Light by Arad Acid on Furi (Visit
  7. Papillion by exael on Aphelion Lash (Visit
  8. Lamp Fest by Pontiac Streator on Triz (Visit
  9. Dunsta by Shielding on Collecting Seaweed EP (Visit
  10. Swoeks by ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ on High School Blues (Visit
  11. Maitreya by Chris Otchy on Recursive (Visit
  12. Dream Houses Of The Global North by тпсб on Whities 031 (Visit
  13. 88 by Actress on 88 (Visit