7/15 G's Chill Lounge - Host/Dj: Gina Alexander

Urban Indie with a touch of International!

The best in Urban Indie, Chill, Smooth Jazz, and World Music.

**Background music is from the D Brax "330" Album


  1. Cocktail Umbrella by iamalex (Beats & Waves)
  2. Rush by Nsolo (Self Release)
  3. Dawn by Pines (Sony Music Entertainment)
  4. 4 a.m. feat. Will Ryte by Gads6y (Gads6y Productions)
  5. Dying For Your Love by Snoh Aalegra (Atrium Recordings)
  6. Low by Hui (877139 Records DK)
  7. Pressure, Part II feat. Sinead Hartnett by James Vickery (TH3RD Brain)
  8. Chills by 2 Man Embassy (Bonsai Collective)
  9. Suffocate by Amaka Queenette (Tom Boy Records)
  10. Nights by Adrian Daniel (1990 Records)
  11. Stardust by Dan Bravo, J.O.Y (La Belle Musique)
  12. All Up To You by Shay Lia (AWAL Recordings)
  13. Undercover by Sam Wills (Nxtgen Records)
  14. Feeling by Allure (Self Release)
  15. 5 Days by Shadqi (East of Eden)
  16. Down For You feat. Rowan Buratti by Talall (VAUHNA)
  17. Nu Low by Sipprell (Self Release)
  18. Overthinking by THE CODE (Self Release)
  19. No Fear No More (Remix) by Madeon (Self Release)
  20. Maria by Hwasa (Mamamoo) on Maria (RBW, Inc)
  21. Crimson Walls by THEM LIGHTS (Universal Records)
  22. glad xoxo feat. Alma by Dominic Pierce on Vivid (Inner Ocean Records)
  23. Home Tonight by Iration on Coastin' (Self Release)
  24. Querent by Chrxstal Sarah (Self Release)
  25. Till Another Day by Chris Anderson, Mac Ayres (Self Release)
  26. Sun Will Find You by Gabrielle Current (Self Release)
  27. Bedtime Story by RINI (Warner Records)
  28. Never Too Late feat. Maribelle by Nicolaas (Kitsune Musique)
  29. Honest by Narou, Golow (Gentle Giant Records)
  30. Baby Blue by Temptress (Plastic Fruit Studios)
  31. Set Me Free (Interlude) by Agust D on D-2 Mixtape (Big Hit Entertainment)
  32. The One That Got Away by Teflon Sega (Self Release)
  33. I Should Have Told You by Fiji Blue (Self Release)
  34. No Plans by Ben Kessler (VYB)
  35. Wellenlange by Rezident (Self Release)
  36. Currents by Emancipator on Mountain of Memory (Loci Records)
  37. Riverside by producerboibrad (Self Release)
  38. When We Used To by Fallen Roses (Lo-fi Records)