1. Side B by ARN4L2 on 1997 (self released)
  2. KLK GATILLERO (ZUTZUT EDIT) by ARCA on C E & B 2 (Club Viral)
  3. More Femme, More Masc (It's Pride Black Pride Mix) by DJ Autopay on HOA11 (Haus of Altr)
  4. In Lux by Deep Sky Objects on Deep Sky Objects (Never Ready Records)
  5. Brighter Days (Slice Remix) by Cajmere ft. Dajae (Cajual)
  6. I Was That Dude In 96’ by Kush Jones on Strictly 4 My CDJZ 5 (self released)
  7. STUNSPORE __ (ft. spiralina) by sunmii on DesembocadurA (DesembocadurA)
  8. Missy Elliott Edit by DJ XNX (self released)
  9. XES Work by FTP UP on Posse Vol. Five (Posse Up!)
  10. Desmadre by DLMJ X TR4VI3ZA on DesembocadurA (DesembocadurA)
  11. Glances by Amazondotcom on Vague Currency (Subreal)
  12. Purple Thang by Garneau on CDMUSIC001 (Club Designs)
  13. Dread Man Zone by Kaval on EGFREE003 - 2K Thank You EP (Egregore Collective)
  14. Gotas ft. Lao & Adrian Be by Taso & Siete Catorce on Grandes Exitos Vol. 1 (NAAFI)
  15. Urgency by Linda Labeija (Prod. by Byrell the Great) (self released)
  16. MANIFESTO by Cvm Gwirl & Johan Mihail (House of Tupamaras) (self released)
  17. Evo [All Centre] by Duswunder on Plated Body (Ransom Note)
  18. SYSTEM SHOCK by SAAH on DMC009 (Dionysian Mysteries)
  19. Kehinde by Millia Rage on Ultimecia Tools (Knightwerk)
  20. Archangel (quest_onmarc edit) by Burial (self released)
  21. U DREAM by DPCLD on Overdosed EP (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  22. I Bet That You Didn't Know by Strahinja Arbutina on Take Me To Your Stash Spot EP (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  23. Fuck the Feelings by 1905 on Beats 2 Bomb 2 (Former City)
  24. Chu Chu Train by Booty-Buster on Bass Freaq (urwaxx)
  25. Embers by Siete Catorce on Vague Currency (Subreal)
  26. Break It by Tom Ags & callum harvey (self released)
  27. Hella Good by Bored Lord on in case we never get to rave again (self released)
  28. Boss Town Killaz - by Amadeezy ( on Bounce Operators Vol. 1 - (Habibi Bass))
  29. Anyways - by Loraine James on enter:protopost - (Protopost))
  30. depression by dr. derg (self released)
  31. FO DA HEAD by Ppalace (self released)
  32. 'S3x-E-b^k’ by Osc Kins & Speed Gonzales on Tasty Treats 4 Tha Kids Vol. 2 (Childsplay)
  33. ..--- -····- -…. by Destroy on -​-​-​-​- -​.​.​.​. -​-​-​-​- -​.​.​.​. .​.​-​-​- -​-​-​-​- .​.​-​-​- -​-​-​-​ - (AM 01:09:69 JUN-05-1970)
  34. DOG SONG (GO NUCLEAR REMIX) by DJ 2FUK2 on Dog Song EP (The Big Fresh Collective)
  35. galactic bounce by Ottonian on DMC009 (Dionysian Mysteries)
  36. Gas Grass Or Ass by KIDDY.WAV & LEINAD on Ghettogether 2 (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  37. BASS DOWN LOW by ASLAMIN x DOBRIYDRUG on WorldWideJuke vol.2 (URBAN)
  38. Buck Bumble VIP - by Grandmaster Mahi ( on Project 64 VIP - (The Big Fresh Collective))
  39. Slurpee by Bastiengoat on Worst Behavior Vol. 3 (Worst Behavior)
  40. LOCK EM IN THE BACK SEAT by YTP on Hyperdome Recs 001 (Hyperdome)
  41. zhook dat by tàgi on Worldwide Juke Vol. 2 (URBAN)
  42. Message To Detroit by Snarexx (self released)
  43. Dangerous (Breaka VIP) by Cardinal Offishall feat. Akon (Forbidden Trax)
  44. Hardcore - Meditation by Europa (self released)
  45. 030 Bass feat. Tamila by Mathis Ruffing on (030 Bass) (self released)
  46. Break
  47. Dengue by Krush Juke on Top Shelf Trax (The Big Fresh Collective)
  48. Sonic Measurements by LUZ1E on Return of the Ghetto (Ghetto Traxx)
  49. Feminine Energy by Club Cab on CDMUSIC002 (Club Designs)