52 - Brain Damage (Mind Over Matter Parts 1&2)


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  1. Pictures by Partner on Pictures ( Philips) $ Buy
  2. Stuck on a Thrill by Andre Gibson & Universal Togetherness Band on Apart: Demos 1980-1984 (Numero) $ Buy
  3. Light My Fire by Shirley Bassey on Something (Warner) $ Buy
  4. She's Wrapped Too Tight (She's A Button Buster) by Edwin Birdsong on She's Wrapped Too Tight (She's A Button Buster) (Salsoul ) $ Buy
  5. The Bride of Frankenstein by L7 on The Bride of Frankenstein (Square Records) $ Buy
  6. You Can Win by Bileo on You Can Win (Athens of the North) $ Buy
  7. Get To Know Ya by Maxwell on Now (Columbia) $ Buy
  8. Soul Mate by Funkadelic on Hardcore Jollies (Westbound) $ Buy
  9. Soul Strut! by Coko & Misha Panfilov Sound Combo ‎ on Soul Strut! / Electrifying Woman (FNR) $ Buy
  10. I Saw You by Nobody on I Saw You ( Athens Of The North) $ Buy
  11. B.C. by Sparks on Propaganda (BMG) $ Buy
  12. Juicy Fruit by Christine Lewin on Juicy Fruit (Kufe) $ Buy
  13. Between The Sheets by Vince Taylor on Between The Sheets / Musical Extravangaza (Tim ) $ Buy
  14. Out In the Woods by Astralblak on Space & Time (Sound Verite) $ Buy
  15. I'm Going Down by Rose Royce on Car Wash Original Movie Soundtrack (MCA) $ Buy
  16. Mind Over Matter Parts 1&2 by Isley Brothers on Winner Takes All (T-Neck) $ Buy
  17. Break
  18. Cosmic Day by Prince on Sign O' The Times (Deluxe) (Warner) $ Buy
  19. Break
  20. The Beat Goes On by Screamers on Demos 1977-78 (Sob) $ Buy
  21. Riding Seasons by Crisrail on The Game Of Music (Athens Of The North) $ Buy
  22. Maybe Partying Will Help by Minutemen on Double Nickels on the Dime (SST) $ Buy
  23. Bird Bathroom by Surf Punks on Surf Punks ( Day-Glo) $ Buy
  24. Break
  25. Aylmer's Tune by Zacherley on Brain Damage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Terror Vision) $ Buy
  26. Movies I Like by Major Entertainer Mike H on Mike (WOM) $ Buy
  27. Break
  28. Something to Sing About by Johnny Mathis on I Love My Lady (Columbia) $ Buy
  29. Break
  30. Why by Carly Simon on Why (WEA) $ Buy
  31. I Work For A Living by Fonzi Thornton on Saturday / I Work for A Living (Atlantic) $ Buy