Ep 138: "Telepathic Children"

On each of their three singles released to date, including "Gay for You" and "Body Bag", Telepathic Children (bandcamp) establish dense sonic environments and then extend them to hypnotic lengths, layered over with vivid narratives of lives lived today. And it's fair to say that our lives are filled with more baseline... death these days? We're each dealing with it in our own ways. In this context comes the band's new single "Body Bag", which over six minutes both subverts the pervasive fact of who is doing most of the killing today, while also offering a critical contribution to the legacy of homicidal-ish romance songs, whether "Hey Joe" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Man Down" by Rihanna, or even Gorgeous Dykes' "Dead Man" played later in this episode.

And congratulations to Telepathic Children member Maya Songbird for the launch of Maya's Magic Shop, ig: @mayasmagicshop, mayasmagicshop.com !!!

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  1. Kill Your Landlord by The World on Reddish (Microminiature)
  2. Intro / Law And Order by M80 on Apathy (self released)
  3. Disappears by Kokomo Hum (self-released)
  4. Riding in Your Mind by Abracadabra on Abracadabra (Anniversary)
  5. Body Bag by Telepathic Children (self-released)
  6. Gay for You by Telepathic Children (self-released)
  7. Spring into Summer Seas by The Happy Toads on We Are... the Happy Toads (self released)
  8. Natural Light by Flowertown on Flowertown (Paisley Shirt)
  9. Laugh Track by Perhapsy on my Fam, your Fam, SADFAM (self-released)
  10. Future Dreams by Silent Era on Rotate the Mirror (Nervous Intent)
  11. More Slore by Trash Vampires on Yardwaste (self-released)
  12. Tech Deck by Macrodose on First Dose (Demo) (self released)
  13. Dead Man by Gorgeous Dykes on Gorgeous!! (self released)
  14. Won't Be Comin' Back by Black Thumb on 2020 (self released)
  15. In Your Hands by Topographies on Not My Loneliness, But Ours (self released)
  16. Crashing by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)
  17. Inner Circle by Moonrun (self-released)
  18. Last Time by Plattenbau on Days Like Water (Glowing Dagger)
  19. Immersion by Nopes on Stapler (self released)
  20. All My Heinous Crimes by Absent City (self released)
  21. Eulogy by Al Harper (self released)
  22. Don't Touch My Hair by Muñecas on Cuidado (self released)
  23. Feel It by The Customers on Flooded EP (self released)
  24. Ghost by Summer Goth on Demo (self released)
  25. C0mput3r_P30pl3 by Juicebumps on Hello Pinky! (Lil Slugger)
  26. Adrian by Tyler Holmes on HER IS (self released)
  27. IN(NANA) by Hectorine on IN(NANA) (self released)
  28. Weight by BB Sinclair on April (self released)
  29. Pop Song by Baus on Songs to Snake To (Digital Regress)
  30. Zero Dub I by WATKINS/PEACOCK on Acid Escape Vol Zero (F R E A K S)
  31. Cash Only by Hits on Sediment Seen (Paisley Shirt)
  32. You and I by Burner Herzog on Big Love (Paisley Shirt)
  33. Opening the Heart Portal by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Water for the Town v.2 (SMARTBOMB)
  34. To the Boy I Jumped in Hemlock Alley by White Fence on Cyclops Reap (Castle Face)
  35. Photogenic (feat. Bryson Wallace) by James Wavey on James Wavey Otoño (Jim's Pool Room)
  36. High Five After the Basketball Game by Turner Capehart on Relapse (self-released)