Sounds In The Dark - 4.21.15

Featuring new music from Gacha, Drombeg and longform ambience from Zenjungle. Also great self-released tunes from Abstract Aprils, Ambienteer and Across The Snow, and shortwave radio experimentation from Scott Lawlor.


  1. Duras by Gacha on Send Two Sunsets (Apollo)
  2. Octavius by Across the Snow on Ghost Ships (
  3. Tape 5 by Iueke on Tape 5 (Antinote)
  4. unfinished by ambienteer on ghosts (
  5. Girl From The Rewrite by Drombeg on Notes From The Ocean Floor EP (Futuresequence)
  6. Watching Your Dance by 18 Carat Affair on Vintage Romance (Moodgadget)
  7. Nightwalker by Alessio Bargiacchi on Sectioned v5.0 (Section 27)
  8. We Can't Stop by Cuushe on Night Lines (Cascine)
  9. Lilli's Aftermath by Cass. on Magical Magical (Home Normal)
  10. Transitional Aqueous by Dissolved on Sectioned v5.0 (Section 27)
  11. Beginning and End Unclear by Painted Caves on Not Here Not There (
  12. Breathing Sculptures by Abstract Aprils on Blossom Ends (
  13. Break
  14. All Of Our Yesterdays by Zenjungle on All Of Our Yesterdays (Futuresequence)
  15. What If You Couldn't Tell The Difference Between Reality and Reality TV by Scott Lawlor
  16. Break
  17. aurore III by Nicolas Bernier on Music For A Book (Home Normal)