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About Sounds In The Dark

Sounds In The Dark is your Tuesday evening repository of ambient, experimental, and post-rock soundscapes.  Every show is a handpicked, evolving blend of new and old music from the left end of the sonic spectrum. 

Drop in and let the waveforms spread over you like a warm blanket.

  • Tuesday 12:00 – 2:00am


  • Tonight's edition features new Arovane, Lemongrass, Hauschka and Mark McGuire, plus and a whole bunch of other great tunes including long-form brilliance from Melanie Di Biasio.

    120 mins

  • Working hard? Join in for a relaxing two hours of some new and old favorites, including shiny new tracks from Akisai, Neil Cowley, Jakob Bro, and…

    120 mins

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  • 2020 was a sh*tshow, but the music was great. Tonight, join in to celebrate my favorites of 2020!

    120 mins

  • Need a break from the last-minute holiday bustle? Enjoy an evening of long-form ambient and experimental tunes. I'm at the mall, so you don't have to…

  • Tonight's edition of SITD honors the inspirational musical career of pianist and composer Harold Budd, who passed away last week at age 84.

    S6 120 mins

  • Tonight's edition features an expansive genre-bending playlist featuring new and recent music from God Is An Astronaut, Gwenifer Raymond, Matthew Halsall, Yagya, Mooncake, Tiny Leaves and…

    120 mins

  • Tonight's edition features new music from Ian Hawgood, Mogwai, Lemongrass, The Green kingdom, Chihei Hatakeyama, Good Weather For An Airstrike and lots more! Unwind from a…

    S6 120 mins

  • Tonight's edition features ambient favorites from the past few years, plus new jams from Julie Byrne + Jefre Cantu Ledesma, Loscil, Helios, Call Super and lots…

    S6 120 mins

  • Tonight, dive into some of Eric's favorite late night jazz tunes! Playlist Cello Song – Invisible Bird – Flutter to Fuzz (2018)   Talk Break…

  • Tonight's edition features a blissful mix of everything, including some old and new jazz favorites! Featured tunes include new work from Ian Hawgood, Good Weather For…

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