Sounds In The Dark - 4.10.24

Tonight's edition features new music from Four Tet, SVLBRD, Taylor Deupree, Kilometre Club + zake, Chihei Hatakeyama, Balmorhea, Gilad Hekselmen, and much more!


  1. Storm Crystals by Four Tet on Three (Text Records) New
  2. Radiance by SVLBRD on Extents (Faint) New
  3. Temper by Taylor Deupree (Nettwerk Music Group) New
  4. A Path of No Hiding by Ian Hawgood + David Cordero on Wild Air (Home Normal) New
  5. The Next Night by Bengalfuel on Rhea (Bengalfuel) New
  6. Before Barbed Wire by Balmorhea on Before Barbed Wire (Deutsche Grammaphon) New
  7. Slow Stone by Balmorhea on Clear Language (Western Vinyl)
  8. M4 by Chihei Hatakeyama + Shun Ishiwaka (feat. Hatis Noit) (Gearbox Records) New
  9. Palestrina Sicut (feat. Sarah Aristidou, Kim Sheehan & Niels Orens) by Max Cooper on Seme (Mesh) New
  10. Stokkseyrar-Disa by Jonsi + Alex Somers on Lost and Found (KRUNK)
  11. Longitudinal by Kilometre Club + zake on An Alphabet of Distance (Imaginary North) New
  12. Before the Sun by Bill Laurance + The Untold Orchestra on Bloom (ACT Music) New
  13. Equinox - Live by Gilad Hekselman, Eric Harland, Shai Maestro, Larry Grenadier on Life, at the Village Vanguard (La Reserve Records, LLC) New
  14. Gloria by Joseph Shabason, Nicholas Krgovich, M. Sage on Shabason, Krgovich, Sage (Idee Fixe Records) New