Sounds In The Dark - 4.17.24

Tonight's edition features new music from Chihei Hatakeyama, Four Tet, Adam Wiltzie, Kelly Moran, Keaton Henson + Daniel Herskedal, Pjusk, and lots more!


  1. Buried At Westwood Memorial Park, In An Unmarked Grave, To The Left Of Walter Matthau by Adam Wiltzie on Eleven Fugues for Sodium Pentothal (kranky) New
  2. Superhuman by Kelly Moran on Moves in the Field (Warp Records) New
  3. Skater by Four Tet on Threes (Text Records) New
  4. Winter Solstice by Lowenzahnhonig (Long Tall Jefferson, Fai Baba, Paul Marki) on Lowenzahnhonig (Inselgruppe)
  5. Long Water by Wilson Tanner on 69 (Efficient Space)
  6. Try (feat. Daniel Herskedal) by Keaton Henson on Somnambulent Cycles (Mercury KX) New
  7. Immersion by Pjusk on Skoddenheim (Fnugg Fonogram) New
  8. shanty by Slowdive on everything is alive (Dead Oceans)
  9. Strange Rainbows by Alonefold on Sing with me Drifter (Alonefold)
  10. Imaginery Lines by Halftribe on For the Summer, Or Forever (Dronarivm)
  11. _Sealevel.2 by Simon Scott on Below Sea Level (12k)
  12. Map to Here by M. Sage on Paradise Crick (RVNG, Intl.)
  13. Metaqua by Fools on Fools' Harp Vol.1 (Music From Memory)
  14. It's Spirit by Bengalfuel on Rhea (Bengalfuel) New
  15. Double Voice From Dystopia by Chihei Hatakeyama on Void XXVI (white paddy mountain) New
  16. natural serenity by taennya on natural serenity (Stereoscenic)
  17. mother's epilogue by Kinhluan on murmurations redux (1011485 Records DK) New
  18. Ripples Through Time by Liquid Bloom, Tylepathy, Divasonic, Nizhoni on Ripples Through Time (Desert Trax) New
  19. first notebook of songs by Ganavya on like the sky I've been too quiet (Native Rebel Recordings, Ltd.) New