1. South End Jam by Seongbuk Skyway on Are You In (Yegorka) New
  2. She Remembers Sitka by Mary Lattimore on Breathing Instruments (Touchtheplants) New
  3. Featured Un éléphant hydropique by Papillon on Banco (Discrepant) New
  4. I Watched Them Jump into the Creek by Dylan Henner on The Invention of the Human (AD 93) New
  5. Walking Flames (feat. Sampha) by Actress on Karma & Desire (Ninja Tune) New
  6. Featured In Her Hair by Lisa Lerkenfeldt on Collagen (Shelter Press) New
  7. Ivory Tower by Khotin on Finds You Well (Ghostly) New
  8. Sensors of an Age by oqbqbo on Tired Sun (Posh Isolation) New
  9. Reverie Eternity (feat. Malibu) by Dark0 on ZERO2 (YEAR0001) New
  10. Animal (feat. Soho Rezanejad) by Sky H1 on Unity (m_division) New
  11. Sugar In The Dark by Ahnnu on Perception (Leaving Records)
  12. Citruscine by Vestals on Holy Origin (Dust Editions) New
  13. Triadex Muse by France Jobin on #Moresynthporn (Room40) New