1. Featured Blame Game (Queen of Hell - Ghost remix) by Zedgar Infiniti x Maya Songbird on New World Disorder WW1 (New World Disorder) New Local
  2. Gum by Color Plus on New York Dance Music IV (Towhead Recordings)
  3. WHERE'S YOUR KLK AT (BASEMENT JAXX x ARCA) - by estoc (self released)
  4. Stabs Of Regret by Luke Vibert on Ridmik (self released)
  5. iwannabeyourlover by Kaytranada (self released) New
  6. rock the boat (kaytranada edit) by Aaliyah (self released)
  7. Featured Low End Theory by Mono/Poly on MONOTOMIC (Hit+Run)
  8. Garden by Deejay Earl on Garden (self released)
  9. Luv Ain EZ by Coco Bryce on ON+ON+ON (GODDEZZ)
  10. Featured Better Than Yours by Dj Bunnylip feat Jadaraid on New World Disorder WW1 (New World Disorder) New
  11. loos in twos (NRG) by anz (Hessle Audio) New
  12. Crypto (feat. Bahamadia) by DJ SWISHA on Nothing But Net (Fool’s Gold) New
  13. Featured No Hesitation -MØØ2- by Sister Zo on New World Disorder WW1 - (New World Disorder)) New
  14. Featured Rogue by Erica Mar on New World Disorder WW1 (New World Disorder) New Local
  15. Lukansa w/ Wildkatz by Sonido Berzerk on Lenguaje (Ten Toes Turbo)
  16. BIG MISS STEAK by OSSX on New York Dance Music II (Towhead Recordings)
  17. Featured Open Doors by Bored Lord on New World Disorder WW1 (New World Disorder) New Local
  18. Wanna Know by Croft (Scuffed)
  19. Ode 2 Club by M. Bootyspoon on HOA012 (Haus of ALTR) New
  20. What To Do by Thomas Bangalter on Trax On Da Rocks (Roulé)
  21. The Anti-Self by Gangus on Anti-Self (Dome of Doom)
  22. Kalimba (shorty bend it over) - by Ivy Lab ((20/20LDN))
  23. Blumen by Quant on EGFREE003 - 2K Thank You EP (Egregore Collective)
  24. False Persona by Death Rattle on DMC009 (Dionysian Mysteries)
  25. In Your Own Time (Eprom Remix) by Amon Tobin on Dark Jovian (self released)
  26. Star (feat. Mono_Poly & Tanerélle) by Machinedrum on A View of You (Ninja Tune) New
  27. Rugrats Theme by Dj Glo 410 & CalvoMusic (self released)
  28. Hybrid by Leshutler (self released)
  29. Interstellar Prophecy by AKUA on HOA012 (Haus of ALTR) New
  30. Tighten Up by Tre Oh Fie (So Flo Jook)
  31. ISOL8R by Mani Festo (self released)
  32. AIMING FOR THE SEROTONIN by YTP on 4 Tha Ppl (Red Room Recordings)
  33. Bass Agency by Snarexx (self released)
  34. Icy Grills (Krush Juke Edit) - by BREAKA (Trax Haven)
  35. Gentleman by DBK on Teklife VIP 2020 (Teklife)
  36. Woah Rx 2k20 by DJ Paypal on AS ABOVE (self released)
  37. Grooving In The Sunshine by DJ Clent on Me And My MPC (Beatdown House)
  38. Rickety Cricket (Mad Zach Remix) by Fixate (20/20LDN) New
  39. Cake by Ivy Lab on Death Don’t Always Taste Good (20/20 LDN)
  40. 0800 Dub (Etch Phishy 160 Edit) by Skream (Trax Haven)
  41. Observer Effect by A. Fruit on Worst Behavior Vol. 3 (Worst Behavior) New
  42. DISARM by PLOT TWIST on Breathe (District 160)
  43. Perfect Day by EQ Why on Equalized Records Presents: The Footwork Jungle Collection (Vol. 1 & 2)) (self released)
  44. Survive (Om Unit Remix) by HØST on H0003 (Hoover Sound) New
  45. Pah by NIKKI NAIR on Worst Behavior Vol. 3 (Worst Behavior) New
  46. BS6 by Hyroglifics & Sinistarr on H0001 (Hoover Sound)
  47. Backwitda (Yoofee Remix) by Subp Yao on The Remixes (Unchained Recordings)
  48. Pump It by Rory Kelly on SHUBZINVA001 (SHUBZIN)
  49. DROP YOUR EAR ! by - Chikovanni (self released)
  50. DRIPPIN by RTCHRD on U & I ep (bootleg tapes) Local
  51. Monterrey by DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn & Sinjin Hawke on Visceral Minds 2 (Fractal Fantasy)
  52. Featured Chelsea Manning by Adjazent on New World Disorder WW1 (New World Disorder) New
  53. 64o (ZUFU Remix) by 1OO1O x MONVCO on 64o EP (Movelike)
  54. Hope (Ghetto mixx) by DJ Take Control on Ghettogether 2 (Planetaria Soundsystem)
  55. SUPER INK BURST by Iglooghost on Neo Wax Bloom (Brainfeeder)
  56. Onán by El Irreal Veintiuno on Recuerdos Vol. 1 (self released)