1. Dread Man Zone (Stacktrace Dancehall Remix) by Kaval on EGFREE003 - 2K Thank You EP (Egregore Collective)
  2. Spruce Illest Bumper by Hudson Mohawke on B.B.H.E. (Warp)
  3. TAKE THE BOTTLE by Gibbin on In Arms (199)
  4. Solo Quiero Ser Tu BB by Ynfynyt Scroll on Summer ’20 Mixtape (self released)
  5. Dive Out Ft. Kaytranada - by Mono/Poly on (MONOTOMIC - (Hit+Run))
  6. Dance of the Cosmos by Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program on Dance of the Cosmos (Akashic Records)
  7. Losing UR Mind by DJ Swisha on Edits (self released)
  8. Bubble Pon Di Bed ft. XL Mad by Bianca Oblivion (self released)
  9. Dolphin Tune (Kaval Edit) by Aquarius (self released)
  10. BACK AFTER THE BREAK by Bakey on In Arms (199)
  11. AGUA by Papa Nugs on In Arms (199)
  12. READY OR NOT by Kiddy.Wav on In Arms (199)
  13. Desesperacion by Siete Catorce on Discos en 3/Cuartos (Kebrada) New
  14. Toroidal by QOQEQA on Discos en 3/Cuartos (Kebrada)
  15. DEA by CLYDE (self released)
  16. eugo dub by joe koshin on In Arms (199)
  17. WHEN U SAY by Dom Perignon on In Arms (199)
  18. A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR by Front Bench on In Arms (199)
  19. TL - DM by El Irreal Veintiuno on Discos en 3/Cuartos (Kebrada) New
  20. YOUR LOVE by Slim Shae on In Arms (199)
  21. Back From The Future (Edit) by RP Boo on I’ll Tell You What! (Planet Mu)
  22. Freak tho Rx 2k18 by DJ Paypal on AS ABOVE (self relased)
  23. Thrones (Clout Version) by Cakedog on Doggystyle (Leaving Records)
  24. Jocker Juke by Lukrø on Breathe (District 160)
  25. Pulse X (Anna Morgan Bootleg) by Musical Mob (Forbidden Trax)
  26. FUKOUTTAHERE by Traxman on (Tha Volt Vol. 1) (self released)
  27. Together by BSN Posse on Soul Rhythm (Freshmoon Records)
  28. Battle For Middle You (Juke Remix) by DJ Rashad vs Julio Bashmore (self released)
  29. Acido - by Please on (Reflex Vol. 1) (self released)
  30. GhettOut - by DJ KARAWAI on (Guilty Pleasure - (urwaxx))
  31. Summer Moods by Philip D Kick on As We Continue (Astrophonica)
  32. brootle by mad zach (deadbeats)
  33. Fourtwenty Sound by Speedy G on T.W.G. Vol. 1 (Makinmovs X Matraca)
  34. Belva Diss by .xXx_pauly frisk_xXx. rmix (japan Only Bonus) - on (Lung Edit Vol. 2) (self released)
  35. Acid Bit (feat Addison Groove) by DJ Rashad (Hyperdub)
  36. ORGAN GRINDER - by Samurai Breaks on (In Arms - (199))
  37. A & E by Ivy Lab on Death Don’t Always Taste Good (20/20LDN)
  38. Amethblowl - by John Frusciante on (Maya - (Planet Mu))
  39. THE GHOST IN U by leinaD on In Arms (199)
  40. Tru Love - by Deejay Earl on (Audio Fixx - (Teklife))
  41. LaLa by DJ Taye on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)
  42. Swandive by Sully on Swandive (Astrophonica)
  43. Dcs32ooov5 - by Synkretic on (Breathe - (District 160))
  44. Headland by C. Tellus on LCKD022 - VA: Vol 1 (Locked Concept)
  45. A Little Help by DJ MANNY, DJ TRE & MEL G on Teklife VIP 2019 (Teklife)