Bird Flu Kitchen 49 Guest: Philip Thorneycroft FUN MUSIC DAY (It's Raining)


  1. Sunday by Alligator Kids on DEMO (Bird Flu Kitchen)
  2. Baby I lost My Way,(But I'm Going Home) by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats on Tearing at the Seams (Stax)
  3. Anges Martin by Screaming Females on All at Once
  4. Buzzing in the Light by Dr. Dog
  5. Fine Line by Paker Millsap on Fine Line
  6. Crossroads LIVE by Cream on Wheels of Fire
  7. Oh Well Live by Fleetwood Mac
  8. Feeling Good LIVE by The Sheepdogs on Live at the Roxy
  9. Jumpin' Jack Flash LIVE by Johnny Winter
  10. Just Like A Woman Live at Woodstock by Joe Cocker on Live at Woodstock (A&M)
  11. Statesboro Blues by The Allman Brothers on At Fillmore East (Columbia)
  12. Blood In Wine by The Banter
  13. Stickbreaker by The Psycedelephants
  14. Hear by Sara Robinson
  15. Vulgar Buglar by Jerusafunk
  16. Bass Face by Mike Spero on Nomadic Romantic (Bird Flu Kitchen)
  17. Lochs Of Dread Live by Bela Fleck & the Flecktones - Live Art on Live Art
  18. Cheap Sunglasees by The Sword
  19. The Boy in Bubble LIVE by Paul Simon
  20. Blow Hotel Zulu by Gesman on Olput Blues