Ep 143: "Fondu Guru"

Out now on Trouble in Mind Records, Naked Roommate's new album Do the Duvet offers deconstructed dance music to a world begging for complete deconstruction, combining no wave bass lines, guitar concréte, and a vocal star turn from a dada discotheque.  (bandcamp)

Episode title is from the Naked Roommate song "Fondu Guru".

The Spacecats Oakland voter guide is good for voters who want to move left: http://spacecats.org/

In SF, League of Pissed Off Voters are always a worthwhile read: https://www.theleaguesf.org/voter_guides

instagram: @iluvmondaysbfffm
twitter: @iluvmondaysWill
email: iluvmondaysBFFfm@gmail.com


  1. Adoramus te Christe (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina) by Turner Capehart on Early Music (self released) Local
  2. Squandered by Violent Change on S/T (self-released) Local
  3. Repeat by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind) Local
  4. Fondu Guru by Naked Roommate on Do the Duvet (Trouble in Mind) Local
  5. Blood Moon by Bear Call on Fancy Acid (self released) Local
  6. Triste Canción by Deseos Primitivos on Deseos Primitivos (En Tu Kara) Local
  7. Wayfarer by Pacific Yew on Wayfarer & Frans (self released) Local
  8. In Your Arms Forever by Grace Sings Sludge on Christ Mocked & the End of a Relationship (Empty Cellar) Local
  9. Last Place by Shutups on 5 (Kill Rock Stars) Local
  10. Future Dreams by Silent Era on Rotate the Mirror (Nervous Intent) Local
  11. Lucky Star by Burner Herzog on Big Love (Paisley Shirt) Local
  12. Burn This Town by Flex (Vacant Stare) Local
  13. Life Before Thought by David Novick on Before the Dream (self released) Local
  14. Ready to Die by Body Double on Milk Fed (Zum) Local
  15. Fading Bones by James Wavey aka Alleyes Manifest on Hello (self released) Local
  16. You Lie to Me Too by Lily Sloane on Misophonia: Mouth Noises (self released) Local
  17. Inner World by Absent City on Continue Normal Living (Homing Instinct) Local
  18. Eject by Swayed on Diminished (self released) Local
  19. Leviathan by The Telephone Numbers (self released) Local
  20. Jinx by Pork Belly on Jinx & Chew (self released) Local
  21. NOmaste by Fleshies on Introducing The Fleshies (self released) Local
  22. Tamale's Lament by Muñecas on ESL Soundsystem (self released) Local
  23. Behind Bars by Balms (self-released) Local
  24. Subverter of Geography by Forest Bees on Forest Bees (self released) Local
  25. Don't Cry to Me by Nu Normol on No Love Songs (self released) Local
  26. Blackstone Riders by Randy Thomas & The Insecures (self released) Local
  27. Drown by Frank Ene on No Longer (self released) Local
  28. Free the Floor by POW! on Shift (Castle Face) Local
  29. Worth It by Nimsins (self released) Local
  30. Slow Death by Tony Jay on A Wave in the Dark (Paisley Shirt) Local
  31. So Happy (the End of a Beautiful Nightmare) by Margalee (self released) Local
  32. Alternator by Pat Thomas on I Ain't Buyin' It (Empty Cellar) Local
  33. Higher by Plattenbau on Days Like Water (Glowing Dagger) Local
  34. Determination/Affirmations by Qing Qi on Emotionally Intelligent (Pu Tang) Local
  35. Damage Control by Latitude on Mystic Hotline (Emotional Response) Local
  36. FNP by Nate Budroe on Casa Pacheco (self released) Local
  37. Follow Me by Stoney Creation (self released) Local
  38. Goner (Live) by Practicing Sincerity on Live at Outer Space (self released) Local
  39. Fortune's Wheels by Psychic Hit on Promo 2018 (self-released) Local
  40. Heaven Must Have Sent You (12 by Bonnie Pointer (Motown) Local
  41. Down Down Gently by The Younger Lovers on 4/4 Kick... and let the beat ride! (Southpaw) Local